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What to do when everyone knows your man cheated

I swear, every time I pick up my phone recently, I’ve had a new breaking news alert about some sort of very public cheating scandal, like the Governor of Alabama’s infidelity and the leaked tape of Nick Young talking about cheating on Iggy Azalea. It’s really icky when infidelity is broadcast publicly, but with the way technology is today, it’s just how it works. This all begs the question, how do you deal when everyone knows your man cheated? Read more

Can a Relationship Survive Cheating

Dear Emily, I’ve been with my partner for 4 years and up until a month ago, I thought we were the perfect couple. Then I found out he cheated on me last year. It was a one-time thing with a woman he used to work with, and he swears that they didn’t keep in touch afterward. He confessed this all to me, and I got the sense that it had really been eating him up inside — for a good reason, clearly. Read more

What to do if your man cheated and everyone knows

Cheating. Let’s talk about it. With the AshleyMadison.com data leak, how could we not? It feels like it’s the only thing I’m hearing about recently. With news of Josh Duggar having an account, a prominent Christian family vlogger, and non-celebrity friends finding out their men were on the site, lots of people are buzzing about the topic. So, I thought I’d dig into this ugly topic and help women out there who may have cheating partners. Read more

Are We or Aren’t We? Having the Exclusivity Talk

Are We or Aren’t We? Having the Exclusivity Talk When someone cheats, it’s usually a sign that there’s a greater problem within a relationship, indicating there is some underlying dissatisfaction but no healthy outlet through which to convey it. But what if you’re one of the many people who isn’t exactly sure where on the spectrum of a relationship you fall? When a relationship isn’t define, we find ourselves in situations where we have to stop and ask, “Was that really cheating?” The way that dating has progressed has made it more and more difficult to really define what levels of commitment exist for each phase of a relationship, but defining these unknowns before someone gets hurt in the process is important. In order to do that, you’re going to have to have “the talk.” Read more

The 3 Most Common Relationship Symbols We All Dream About

I have been researching and studying the dreaming mind for over 18 years and have analyzed close to 70, 000 dreams!  In this time I have found that there are certain symbols that will show up in our dreams from time to time that are giving us insight into our relationships. Let’s go over the three most common relationship symbols and what they mean. Then, I’d love for you to tell me in the comments if you’ve had any of these symbols in your dreams lately. Read more

Should I tell him I cheated?

As a matchmaker, I’m normally involved in the happiest parts of the relationship—the first date, the first kiss, the commitment to monogamy and eventually the wedding. It’s a really, really great gig! That being said, I’m also a relationship expert and I know that relationships aren’t always smooth sailing. Scratch that. Relationships are never completely smooth sailing. They’re hard work and all of them have their rough patches. And some rough patches are rougher than others. The roughest of the rough is cheating. When you’re the cheater, the big question is should I tell him I cheated? You need to ask yourself some serious questions before you make a decision on that. Here they are: Read more