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How to react if/when the kids walk in on you

kid walks in on parents having sex

Remember those lazy Saturday afternoons you’d spend in bed making out with your husband? Yeah. Not so much when kiddos are in the picture. There are breakfasts to be made. Cartoons to be watched. Birthday parties to be attended. Plus, kids don’t really understand the idea of privacy. They’ll barge in whenever they feel like it and if it’s when you feel like it, well, that can lead to some awkwardness. You know what I’m talking about—the sex walk in. Here’s how to react if your little darlings turn into the ultimate cock-blocks and walk in on you during sex:

Don’t be embarrassed

I mean, sure, this is embarrassing. It’s not like you were caught doing anything bad though. You were caught doing something amazing with the man you love. And yeah, it should be privately amazing in an ideal world. But, don’t feel like you have anything to be ashamed of at all.

Don’t be mad

Is it annoying that your kids barged in mid-coitus? Sure. But you can’t be angry with them. They had no idea what you were doing. If they did, they’d never have walked in on you. Believe me.

Don’t let it ruin the mood

I know this is a tough one. But try not to let the interruption ruin the whole event. Get the kids out of the room and get back to what you were doing. It’s tough to find time to have sex when you have little ones. So, don’t let one little interruption totally ruin the good vibes you had going. Who knows when the next time you’ll have a chance to get it on will be?

Ask if they have questions

Depending on the age of your children, they could have questions about what they saw. One of my girlfriends walked in on her parents when she was ten-years-old and thought her dad was beating her mother up. It wasn’t until she started having sex that she realized what was going on with her parents. Can you imagine that? Thinking your dad hurt your mom for years and years? If you’re not sure if they noticed, casually ask if they have any questions about what went on. If they do, they’ll definitely ask. Kids are great like that. Warning: This could lead to a birds and the bees talk, so be prepared for that.

Buy a lock

Make sure this doesn’t happen again. Buy a lock for your bedroom door and use it liberally. If there’s ever a middle of the night emergency, your kids will knock. Don’t worry.

Anyone here with a good walk in story to share? These are always hilarious. Can’t wait to read, so please share them below.