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The right time to ask if he wants kids

A lot of my girlfriends and clients in their late 20s and early 30s have shared the same experience with me. They’ve gotten in deep with a dude, brought up their timelines for having kids and the guy said he doesn’t want kids. By that point, the ladies have wasted months, if not years, of their time dating someone they could never end up with and they feel terrible about it. But, when was the right time to bring having kids up? It only makes sense to ask about kids when you’re serious about the guy, right? Wrong! Don’t waste your time (or his) by waiting to ask about having kids together. You should do it way earlier, no matter if you want kids or don’t. Here are the right times to ask if he wants kids. Read more

If You’re Over 40 With A Womb Vacancy… It May Be Time To Move On

Here's something I think all of you women over the age of 40 who want a child and have a womb with a vacancy need to know. I read an interesting article the other day about a recent survey on match.com. A team went in and looked at profiles on their web site. Which revealed the unknown truth about what men think. Read more

What if he doesn’t want kids, but you do?

Woman holds her newborn baby
Let’s get serious for a second and talk about deal breakers. There are superficial things, like chewing with his mouth open, using too much hair product or using the word “literally” to actually mean “figuratively.” When it comes to deal breakers like those, I say get over them and get over yourself. Literally, and I actually mean literally, no one out there is perfect. You’re going to have to accept some flaws if you want to find a life partner. That being said, there are some deal breakers that simply can’t be gotten over. And the kiddie question is one of them. Here’s how to deal if you’re dating a man who doesn’t want kids and you do. Read more

Dating With Kids: Tips For Introducing Your New Boyfriend

A single mom introduces her boyfriend to her child
So you've finally met someone. You go, girl! Wondering if it's getting serious enough for this amazing man to meet your kid? While some single moms choose to introduce new boyfriends right away, others wait. It's really a matter of preference. I've always been a waiter. I'm pretty picky about the men I bring into my own life, so you can imagine how picky I am about who I bring into my son's. I've never wanted to introduce someone to him and a few months later have to explain why "so-and-so" isn't around anymore. Read more

How to react if/when the kids walk in on you

kid walks in on parents having sex
Remember those lazy Saturday afternoons you’d spend in bed making out with your husband? Yeah. Not so much when kiddos are in the picture. There are breakfasts to be made. Cartoons to be watched. Birthday parties to be attended. Plus, kids don’t really understand the idea of privacy. They’ll barge in whenever they feel like it and if it’s when you feel like it, well, that can lead to some awkwardness. You know what I’m talking about—the sex walk in. Here’s how to react if your little darlings turn into the ultimate cock-blocks and walk in on you during sex: Read more