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Go Down On Her Like You Mean It!

Woman enjoys oral sex from man

Unless your tongue is broken, there’s absolutely no excuse not to go down on her, especially if she’s going down on you. And if there is one thing women love it’s oral sex. With your tongue on her clitoris and your eyes looking into her eyes, go down on her with these six orgasmic-inducing tips.

  1. Tease tease tease.

    Forget everything you’ve learned, and whatever you do, do not go straight for her clitoris. Part of what makes sex feel so amazing is the anticipation of pleasure. Lick around the clitoris, tease her inner thighs and massage around the clitoris with your fingers. Use a vibrator like the Je Joue MiMi or the Jimmyjane Form 2 to get her incredibly turned on. Circle around her clitoris with your tongue, but do not make direct contact. Be patient and pay attention. Are her hips thrusting up in anticipation? Is her breath quickening? Is she directing your head towards her glorious clitoris? The time has come…

  2. Get your tongue technique down.

    Make contact with the clitoris. When you begin licking the clitoris, start softly and focus on the clitoral hood, located just above the clitoris (that little pink bump is the god of female pleasure).Start by alternating between wide licks and small licks across the clitoris. Remember, every woman is different. If your ex wanted you to violently flick your tongue at her vagina, your new lover is going to want you to lightly kiss it.

    A confident man who genuinely wants to please women will ask for directions, and probably get her there a hell of a lot sooner because of it.

    Find out if she likes it when you move your tongue back-and-forth, in circles, or when you move from side-to-side. It also feels good to lick her clitoris while using a vibrator on the clitoral hood. The only way to find out is to get licking and see how she responds. Is her clitoris getting bigger as the blood rushes to it? (Penises aren’t the only things that can get hard.) Is her breath quickening? Is she moaning during one move in particular? Does she like when you suck your clitoris into your mouth while applying lots of pressure with your tongue? If you’re not sure, just ask her what she likes. A confident man who genuinely wants to please women will ask for directions, and probably get her there a hell of a lot sooner because of it.

  3. Use your fingers.

    Some women want you to completely dedicate your attention to their clitoris. Other women love when you stick two fingers inside their vagina while giving them cunnilingus. Start by teasing around her clitoris and then stick one or two fingers inside her vagina. Make a come hither motion with your fingers. The G-spot is only a couple inches inside of the vagina on the upper wall. It’s a ribbed bump the size of a bean. Continue making the come hither motion while you lick and suck her clitrois. Place pressure lightly on her abdomen.

  4. Once you find the right technique, keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

    I know, I told you to move your tongue around the clitoris, on her thighs, back-and-forth, side-to-side, and in circles, but once you find the right technique (and you’ll know when you do) keep doing exactly what you’re doing. This is not the time to get ambitious and try out something new. Even if you’ve lost all feeling in your tongue and you’re experiencing violent neck spasms–keep doing what you’re doing until she (hopefully) orgasms.

  5. She’s not going to orgasm in a minute. Have patience.

    Do not flap your tongue around for 30 seconds before resurfacing. You could have gotten her glass of water in that time, and she would feel hydrated instead of extremely sexually frustrated. If you’re going down, make a commitment to her clitoris. Spend time getting to know it. You’ll find that the clitoris is not a rubik’s cube. In fact, it’s the only organ that is completely dedicated to pleasure, and it’s ignored entirely too much.  Face her clitoris (literally) head on, and go down on her like you mean it.

  6. Show and tell her that you like it.

    Women have been taught since they are little to be ashamed of their vaginas. While phallic shaped buildings are erected in honor of the penis, the vagina is treated as a lesser genitalia- a sheath to his sword. Change how she feels about it by telling her how good it tastes. Let her know that there is nowhere you’d rather be than between her legs with your tongue swirling on her clitoris. Then make her orgasm.


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