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5 reasons to keep him

top 5 reasons to keep himThe problem with dating, especially dating in cities, is that there’s always something new and shiny and possibly better than what you have now right around the corner. That “something different, something better” itch often stops us from appreciating the something really awesome we have in front of our faces. I used to see this issue a lot with my male clients. And like I said before, the more citified they were, the more prevalent the problem. But, I’ve been seeing this issue pop up a bunch with my female clients recently. It feels like this issue is becoming contagious! So, in an effort to stop the spread of something-better-itis (It’s a real thing. It’s going to be on WebMD soon, I swear!) I’m giving you five good reasons to keep your man.


  1. He makes you laugh

    I’m not a stickler for much. Well, actually, that’s not really true. I’m a stickler for a lot. And laughter in a relationship is one of those things. If you’re laughing a lot with your fellow and he just generally makes you happy and smiley, that’s reason enough to keep him around. You deserve to feel this great!

  2. He’s nice

    I’ll be the first to admit that nice guys get the shaft big time. When you’re in the throws of dating and comparing guys to each other or even comparing guys to those imaginary guys around the corner, the criteria of “niceness” often disappears. But really, having a nice partner is one of the keys to happiness. If you’ve got a nice guy on your arm now, you might want to keep him around.

  3. He fits into your future

    Think about what you want out of your future in terms of kids, location, financial goals and religious needs. Could your current guy help you find that happy future? If the answer is yes, it’d definitely something to consider before you kick him to the curb.

  4. He can communicate

    You, my loves, know that I’m huge on communication. It’s the most fundamental part of a relationship. If your guy is a good communicator and, more importantly, you two communicate well together, I say keep the dude around.

  5. He loves you

    This is the romantic in me coming out, but what can I do? I love love! Does your man love you? Like really, really love you? If you know that he does, then that’s one tally in the keep column. True love doesn’t come along every day and if you’ve found someone who can fall in love with you, give falling in love with him a shot before you ditch him for the idea of someone else.

Who out there is dating a keeper and who is dating a soon-to-be-dumpee? Let me know in the comments.