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What’s The Price of Great Sex?

price-of-great-sexI was having a conversation with a lady I coach earlier. She was telling me about a guy she started dating a while ago. He’s having some problems with his business, and he’s not dealing with it that well.  She also thinks he has some anger problems too. He can be very aggressive, and speaks to her in a pretty mean way some times.

I told her he didn’t sound like the type of guy she should be with. What do you think she said to me?

“But David, he’s a sexy guy, and we have great sex”

I was stunned.

“You’re with a man who treats you badly just because the sex is great?”

And then I started to think about it. What is the price of an orgasm to women nowadays?

Are women prepared to take more crap from a guy, just because he knows how to please them in the bedroom?

When I think about the women I speak to, so many aren’t happy with their sex lives, when they find a guy who is good sexually, they’ll deal with any crap he throws at them. That seems nuts to me!

Why would anyone stay in a relationship with someone who isn’t good to them, just for the sake of an orgasm or two?

I know nothing beats the feeling you get when you connect deeply with a man on a sexual level. And no orgasm is quite as special as when it comes from someone you care about. But ladies, if an orgasm is that important you have masturbation.  You can replace a man with a vibrator for a while.  There’s no shame in it.

I can tell you now, if your whole relationship with a man is built around sex, it isn’t going to last. You need to have some emotional connection with each other. You need to be able to have fun, go out together, laugh, play, and share intimate moments.

I can tell you now, if your whole relationship with a man is built around sex, it isn’t going to last.

Those things should come before great sex in any relationship. So here’s what I want to ask you today. How much is an orgasm worth to you?

I know I wouldn’t stay with someone who didn’t respect me. I certainly wouldn’t be with a woman who was mean, rude, or aggressive with me. And I have no interest in a relationship where the woman didn’t at least try to make some sort of emotional connection with me.

So, how much are you willing to put up with from a man for the sake of an orgasm?

I’d love to hear what you think about this.

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