AskPatti: Multiple crushes, plus size dating advice, flakey online dates & more!

ask-patti-squareWOW! You all really delivered with amazing #AskPatti questions this week. I couldn’t quite answer all of them. But, I jammed as many as I possibly could into this one little column. Jump right in and see if I answered your question!




Crushes and dreams aren’t hurting anyone or anything, so why are you stopping at three? Keep the mental flirting going! Really, this all sounds completely fine to me. Dream on, sister!




The same advice I give everyone—Confidence is king (or queen, in this case.) As long as you love you, there will definitely be men out there who love you. And, work the cleavage! Plus size women, you’ve got it! So, flaunt it!




I’m a huge proponent of online dating. That’s where I met my honey. But, you do have to be careful. If something seems like a little red flag online, it’s probably going to be a major one in person. And this flakiness sounds like he’s waving a digital red flag at you. I say move on and find another online hottie who’s actually interested in taking your relationship offline.




Talk to him! Don’t let him get away with this silent treatment crap. Walk up to him and very calmly explain that you know he’s mad and you really wish he would talk about his feelings so you could work out your issues. And then explain how him shutting you out makes you feel. This isn’t going to be an instant fix. But, if he doesn’t at least agree to try to be more open during your next spat, you’ve got a problem.




Stop looking big picture and focus on enjoying the moment. Think about how much fun you’re having on your first date rather than if you’re going to be able to love this guy in 50 years when he’s fat and bald. If you’re having a good time now, that’s all that matters. Of course, this only applies to casual dating. You have to think a lot more critically if you’re getting serious with a guy. But, don’t rush into the serious part of dating. Enjoy those early carefree moments. They’re some of the best parts of dating!



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