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Divorce: The #1 Thing You Need To Know

I'm going to share with you a story. A story that has nothing to do with divorce, but I think it will resonate with you when it comes down to getting a divorce. First off, divorce is a necessary thing. There's no reason that two people who don't love each other should stay together. Read more

The Number One Illusion in Dating

“Light and airy.” “Let's keep things fun.” I did that one time. I dated someone like that. They would always tell me, “I just want things to be fun. I just want to laugh.” I said, “Great! Sounds wonderful. I'm all about having fun.” I'm all about laughing. Read more

Can People Change?

Can people change? Or are people destined to be, well, who they are or what path they're on? Will a gambler always remain a gambler even though he's no longer gambling? Will a drug addict always remain a drug addict? Even if they're no longer using? Will an alcoholic always remain an alcoholic even if they're no longer drinking? Read more

Why swipe dating is a complete illusion

It's really getting kind of sad. I know people who’ve been single for years and years and years and literally go out on date after date after date and get ghosted all the time. I know people who are dating six or seven people at a time, they've got a roster, so why settle for one? Let them all compete against one another and if someone drops out, just go and swipe somebody else. Read more

How to Deal With Your Ex

In coaching, I hear this on a regular basis: “I hate my ex.” “I can't believe I had children with this man or woman.” “I can't believe I have to deal with them for the next X amount of years.” I hear this absolutely non-stop. Let me tell you, it's not that I don't understand it at all. It's almost like a cruel gift that keeps giving. Read more

The Only Two Words You Need to Succeed at Dating

This is going to be a really simple explanation of two words that we have learned since we were little kids. Yes and no. See, dating doesn't need to be as confusing as all of you seem to make it on a regular basis. You make it seem like there's a representative that literally cons you into a relationship and then all of a sudden, all these things magically appear like a leprechaun out of a Lucky Charms cereal box. Read more
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