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The Number One Illusion in Dating

“Light and airy.”

“Let’s keep things fun.”

I did that one time. I dated someone like that.

They would always tell me, “I just want things to be fun. I just want to laugh.”

I said, “Great! Sounds wonderful. I’m all about having fun.”

I’m all about laughing.

So we had fun.

We laughed.

And then, all of a sudden, they were like an erupting volcano.

They smoked a little weed, drank a little booze…

And all their inner shit would come pouring out.

I’d be like, what about all the fun we were going to have?

Light And Fun… Usually Leads To Frustration And Anger.

It’s amazing how many people read ridiculous articles on the Internet from so-called experts who – when you go to their website – are not really experts at all.

And yet, people listen to the advice.

It’s amazing because some of this advice is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever read in my entire life.

I can’t believe some of the garbage advice people give.

“Light and fun” is one of them.

You know what? I’m light and I’m fun, and I’m intense and I’m real. I’m a combination of it all. So I’m going to expose to that to somebody right from the get-go.

I don’t want to see their representative, the light and fun representative that they are going to show me.

Because then, I’ll fall in love with that person. Their representative.

And then when they bring on the real person, holy shit!

I’m going to run for the hills in my best pair of Nike’s and do the most impressive Forrest Gump imitation that I’ve ever done.

So Here’s My Solution, And You Can Listen Or Not.

If you really, truly desire a real and authentic and loving partnership and relationship, I strongly suggest you stop fearing intimacy and stop being light and fun and only giving them the previews.

Love is not meant to be sitting in a movie theater checking on a three-minute preview and then going to see the movie and realizing it sucked. But that’s what so many people are doing.

So many people are literally doing that on a daily basis. “Light and fun,” showing how fun it can really be.

Just like that bad movie preview. Once you’re about an hour into the movie, you think to yourself, holy shit, the preview got me again!

Don’t Get Duped By The Dating Preview

Because the dating preview is bullshit. It always is and it always will be.

You want somebody who’s real, if you can handle it. Because it will mean that you will need to get real, too. You will need to stop reading most of the advice that’s out there and start trusting yourself and realizing that exposing your true self is the only way to have true everlasting love in your life.

Otherwise, it’s never going to stop. You’ll have that three-month honeymoon phase and then all of a sudden the person will turn into your worst nightmare. And then you’ll spend years trying to get them back to the three-month honeymoon stage that you were in.

Stop selling each other a bill of goods that doesn’t exist. Give me a flawed human being and I’ll fall in love with them. Give me somebody who needs to learn things and can admit it.

Give me somebody who wants to make changes and needs help and guidance to do that and I’ll guide and help them, gladly.

They let me see who they really are right from the beginning, because I’ve been duped by previews way too many times in my life. And I’m not being duped by previews anymore.

And neither should you.

So you have one of two choices: either you join me and trust me, or you just continue to Google your life away and continue to read all the bad advice that’s out there and keep meeting bad people that don’t suit you… because people tell you to keep it light and airy.

But in reality, life is real and amazing when you actually make it real and amazing and actually speak about who you truly are.