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Beware of the Victims in Life

In life, we fall under the illusion of what we think someone truly is. When you meet somebody for the very, very first time, you start to swap stories. You start listening carefully to who they are. They tell you stories about their past and about who they are Read more

The #1 Thing You Need to Know About Someone’s Dating History

I went out the other night with a good friend of mine, a fellow coach. So of course when you put two coaches together, there tends to be a conversation based on feelings, emotions, dating, relationships. And we had a conversation about the history of people you date. I've always been a believer that, no matter what someone's history is, you can change the outcome of your next relationship. We proceeded to go deeper into this, and I've got something to share it with you. Read more

Beware of the “You Are” Man

I've got tools and skills that the average person doesn't have. 18 years of coaching people. 18 years of basically doing therapy on individuals. I can read people really well, and really fast. I can tell you if they're a narcissist. I can tell you if they're borderline. Read more

My Foolproof Way To Expose The Real Relationship

I have a rule, and when I follow it, it works out perfectly. I call it 30/60/91/20, and it’s my foolproof way to expose someone for who they truly are. Here’s how it works. The First 30 Days When you meet someone new, you're under the influence of love like there's no tomorrow. The person can literally murder somebody in front of you, and you won't even notice it. Read more

We All Pick The Wrong Person From Time To Time

Over Labor Day Weekend, as I was going through my life, my relationships, working with a great client, I realized something. From time to time, we all pick shitty people in our lives. If I look back at all of my relationships, I've done pretty well. I've had a couple of bad ones in there, but I've done really well. We've all picked men or women who are totally wrong for us, and we've all got battle scars from past relationships. I call it PTDD, Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder. Or PTRD, Post-Traumatic Relationship Disorder. We all have it. The question is Read more

Why Going to Bed Angry Will Kill Your Relationship

Here's the end of a relationship for me: being with somebody who is okay with going to bed angry. It doesn't work for me at all. I'm a mediocre sleeper to begin with. So, if I'm dating somebody who's okay with going to bed angry, I don't want any part of that at all. You see, I'd rather get on the phone – not text – at 11:00 at night, because usually with a 15 or 20-minute phone call, everything will be alright (almost sounds like a song lyric, doesn't it?) Read more
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