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How to live lavish and look fabulous no matter what your budget is.

Fact vs Fiction: Addressing Common Concerns with Injectable Aesthetic Treatments

Woman gets botox injection
After working for almost a decade in the aesthetic field, there are very few questions that I have not heard.  However there are several concerns that I hear on an almost daily basis. Here are some of them: Read more

Try this inexpensive contouring powder for your next date

When Kim Kardashian posted the ever so famous contouring and highlighting picture on Instagram, all make up junkies alike ran to get lighter and darker shades of foundation, concealers, and powders to duplicate the look. Its no wonder that companies like Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Motives Cosmetics came out with contouring/highlighting palettes. Read more

You no longer have to pick between your fanny or your face

Woman looks at her face in the mirror
Famous French actress, Catherine Deneuve, has been quoted as saying “After a certain age, you have to choose between your fanny or your face.” What she is saying is something that we in the aesthetic field witness on a daily basis. As we age, the fat compartments in our face naturally begin to atrophy. Maintaining a low BMI can look great for our bodies, but it exacerbates the aging of our faces. With significant weight loss, the face is usually the first place that it shows. Read more

Hair Myths Debunked: Fact vs. Fiction

It seems there is no lack of secret hair tips, from the gems your grandma shared, to the ones in a late night infomercial. With so much misinformation swirling around out there, let's shed a little light on fact vs fiction when it comes to hair: Read more

3 beauty tools your clutch is missing

Mascara smudges, spinach-spotted teeth, and wardrobe malfunctions! Oh my! Life happens, and so do accidents. All it takes in one to remember that thing you should have slipped in your clutch “just in case”. Here are 3 things to keep on hand to handle anything. Read more

3 Things to Remember on Your First Date

From nervous jitters to butterflies in your stomach, it's not unusual to experience a multitude of emotions at once when going on a first date. Going out on a date for the first time shouldn't be a stressful event but rather an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Remember, it takes time to get to know a person well so try not to take your first time dating too seriously. Being yourself and being engagingly mindful can enhance your dating experience all that much more. Read more