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How to live lavish and look fabulous no matter what your budget is.

What the frock! Summer dresses I’m dying for

Mychael Shandra picks hot summer dresses
A man falls for with a woman with his eyes and that’s where a great dress can be your secret weapon. It won’t seal the deal, but the right dress can be enough to catch his eye. Men love anything that flatters a woman’s body and shows off what she’s proud of -- and there's nothing wrong with wearing something sexy to get him to make his way across the room. It's exactly why I am designing my own date wear line! In the meantime, I've recruited my hot stylist, Mychael Shandra, to tell us what's sexy for summer and I'm dying over her selections. (Seen right: Parker Drape Dress). Read more

Spa treatments for the extra mile

Spa day tips
A polished and put together look will make you feel sexier and it starts with great skin, hair and nails. A lot of women forget about this important part of the body, but it’s the subtle things that people notice. If you can't take care of your hands and feet, men may think you can't take care of other basic needs. You don't have to be a supermodel, but make sure you care enough about your appearance to clean it up. Read more
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