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3 Tips for baiting a wedding date

Tips for finding a wedding dateRoyal wedding or Wedding Crashers, a girl always wants a partner in crime when attending a wedding.

Who wants to be sitting alone as a love-struck bride and groom tie the knot and spend the evening gazing into each other’s eyes?

It can get even the best of us unattached women scrambling for a prospective plus one. Here’s how to deal.

The problem?

Unfortunately, most men would rather visit the dentist than spend an evening swaddled in a love fest, especially when they don’t know the bride and groom. Add to it that this situation often means you’ll be the only one he knows during the gala’s awkward greetings, conversations with complete strangers and who knows what else.

If you’re finding it tough to stomach going dateless to an occasion that screams, “love is beautiful, but, by the way, you’re single,” here’s how to snag a date.

Play up the fun

If the two of you are newly dating and think the invite might be too mushy gushy, mention what a blast the bride and groom are and the cool location where the event will be held. Talk about the hot dress you bought for the night. If that doesn’t get him saying yes, move on and ask someone else.

Get back in the game

For those who have been off the dating scene, you’ve got some work to do. Get out and meet men. Put on something nice, grab a gender-friendly book and camp out somewhere during happy hour. If you notice somebody noticing you, smile and make eye contact for five seconds, then look away. If he’s interested, he’ll come over. You can also try online dating sites like OkCupid and to up your man-meeting potential. Fill out a profile, use a good picture of yourself and start accepting dates. Go on a date or two, keep talking and, if one stands out to you, mention the wedding and ask if he’ll attend it with you. If he’s into you, he will likely say yes.

Casual matchmaking

You can also try asking friends to play matchmaker. Just be sure to see any new suitors a few times before the wedding event. You don’t want to be stuck with somebody you don’t like for the whole night. Also, don’t forget that weddings can be great places to meet single guys! Ask the bride for the low down on any groomsmen or guests that might be unattached, and, if they are, consider going solo or bringing a friend along. You never know what the universe might send your way.

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