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Bachelorette fans! My advice to Bachelorette Emily Maynard

Love advice for Bachelorette Emily MaynardBachelorette’s newest leading lady is beautiful, young and has a career she loves. She’s the perfect catch for a good guy — sweet, down to earth and knows what she doesn’t want. Prospective suitors have pursued her while grocery shopping. I mean — Emily is hot!

Emily’s biggest challenge is going to be how to know when somebody is pulling out the stops because of her and when it’s just an act.

She was in love with a racecar driver in the past and we are going to see a new one this season. It looks like she will fall pretty hard for him. Who’s to say he’s for real? Will they be compatible beyond that? Will it hit too close to home? When looking for love, any natural attraction to a certain type of guy, for good reasons or bad, can’t be a restriction. She needs to keep her heart and mind open to those long-haired skateboarding guys, too! So far she seems to have a really open attitude.

Mr. Right doesn’t always look like the men you’re normally attracted to and this goes for Emily, too. Like all single ladies looking for love, Emily needs to keep a watch for signs of marriage-minded men — if a man sounds agitated or flippant about buying a ring, he’s not going to get married any time soon. Point blank. She needs to make sure to keep an eye out for the right cues as well as send the same vibrations out herself. She struggled with letting her wall down during her previous season (many women do!), but no excuses this time. She has to be honest and open with these men; she has to tell them what she wants in order to weed out the ones who don’t get it.

Though her daughter should come up in the conversation to screen suitors on their feelings regarding parenting and dating a mother, Emily needs to be careful not to talk too much about Ricki right away. She’ll make the man feel left out before he’s even gotten in. While it might be hard to avoid discussing her past relationships when things get serious, she will have to face it eventually. Not too much, just enough to let them know she’s ready for those feelings again. In the meantime, the way to work around it is to change the subject if they stay on the topic too long. Ask him about himself, his hobbies and interests. The beginning of relationship needs to be about both parties.

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