Monthly Archives: May 2014

Top 5 “Detail” Dealbreakers

Guy with bad eyebrows and bow tie
Guys, if you haven’t already stepped your game up after reading my posts then I’m here to tell you that you need to step your game up even more. You may know the general things that make us run in the opposite direction (e.g. no job, no car, no nothing), but did you know there are other, smaller details we are also scrutinizing you on? Here are my top five detail deal breakers: Read more

How To Spot A Relationship Guy vs. A Player

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I have the ability to spot relationship-oriented guys from a mile away. I also am very skilled at spotting a player—someone who is not open to having a committed relationship. Since spotting a nice guy is a key aspect to finding a lasting relationship, and something so many women struggle with, I thought I would take some time to divulge how you can master this skill too. Read more

5 Ways to Kink it up

Kinky fetish sex
Sex can become tedious if you repeat the same thing over and over again. Here are five ideas to add some kink to your sex life that will get you spanking, talking dirty, teasing, biting, and vibrating in no time. Read more

Change Your Timing, Change Your Arguments

Couple screams at each other during a fight
You and your partner are in the middle of a heated argument. Your partner tells you to stop because they want a break. But you keep going, since you can’t let things go. You think you have to resolve this right now. What’s the outcome? If it’s anything like what my clients go through there is most likely hurt, angry outbursts, regretful words, tears and maybe the silent treatment for hours or even days. How do intelligent, rational people who love each other do such harm to each other? Because they’re not rational when they hit that “point of no return.” Read more

The Secret to Looking Younger for Longer

Woman receives facial making her skin look young
The better question is probably, who doesn’t?  While in my 20’s, I used to come home each month with the newest edition of Shape or Fitness magazines.  My husband would tease and say, “Let me guess.  The secret to being thin is eating less and exercising more.”  Although this is an overly simplistic view, it is not that far from the truth. Taking care of your skin is very much the same.  The answer to prolonging your youth can be summed up in two words…EARLY MAINTENANCE. Read more

How do I get him to notice me?

Girl gets noticed on the beach
Alright single ladies, this one’s for you. You have your eyes on a prize. Whether it’s a hottie at work or the fellow across the bar with those piercing gray eyes, you’ve got to get him to notice you. There are a few basics to flirting that can apply to any situation. And here they are. Read more