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Lindsay’s “list” makes the rounds

People often say you should never – EVER – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES share your "number" with someone you're dating. Not the number of donuts you ate for breakfast this week, silly. Your sexual history - the number of men or women (or men and women - hey you never know!) you've hooked up with. Why? Because making a record of this statistic can be catastrophic - just ask Lindsay Lohan. Read more

#AskPatti: Getting over heartbreak, looking for love, settling questions & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! How are you all? Based on your fantastic questions, you guys are definitely feeling spring fever. And I’m 100% with you! Something about spring time just gets everyone’s romance juices flowing. It’s a great time to start dating someone new or double down with your partner and be really romantic with each other, like you’re back to those first few months of dating. Here are some of my favorite #AskPatti questions from this week. There were so many, I couldn’t do them all. But, check back soon. I’ll save all of them and answer them at some point! Read more

When is the right time to go in for the kiss?

Couple shares their first kiss
I honestly don’t know what is worse, a guy going in for the kiss too soon or not going in soon enough. What I do know, is that if a guy comes into the personal space territory when he is not wanted there yet, well that can be a big problem. Barf. It’s totally weird for everyone, including the people that happen to witness it.  At least the bystanders got a good laugh out of it, the two people involved, not so much. Read more

Four Fashion Trends Your Guy Hates

Girl wears 'ironic' hat riding a bike
We all love to be on top of the latest fashion trends, but sometimes these trends can be major turn-offs for your guy. Here are some looks that you should probably save for girls’ night out instead of date night: Read more
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