Dressed to Date

Four Fashion Trends Your Guy Hates

Girl wears 'ironic' hat riding a bikeWe all love to be on top of the latest fashion trends, but sometimes these trends can be major turn-offs for your guy. Here are some looks that you should probably save for girls’ night out instead of date night:

1. High-waisted pants.

Look, we all wish we could rock high-waisted pants a la Mary Tyler Moore, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case.  Unless you’re very petite or have a boyish frame, these pants can make your hips look wider, your butt look stranger and your stomach pouch look pouchier. Needless to say, most men are confused by this look and don’t find it sexy.

2. Ironic hats.

Men are simple creatures and tend to gravitate toward simple looks (i.e. the little black dress). As women, we tend to over-accessorize our looks, and sometimes make the mistake of topping off the look with an ironic hat (usually some sort of makeshift fedora). Once again, your dude doesn’t care that you’re wearing the same hat Mary Kate Olsen was wearing the other day, all he notices is that you’re covering up your face and luscious locks. Try to stay away from the ironic hats unless you’re outfit is very, very simple (and even then, I would tread lightly).

3. Goth makeup.

I have to thank Lorde for bringing this trend back in full force, and after seeing her rock the purplish black lipstick, I too have been inclined to try this look out. Men, however, would rather you not wear what appears to be black lipstick, ever, like ever ever. Who wants to kiss black lips? Not to mention, I don’t know any man that would be secure enough to walk around with black lipstick smeared on his mouth. Ladies, save this look for your Instagram photos and Lorde.

4. The topknot.

This is so hard for me to write and admit, but we have to face it: guys don’t like topknots. They give off the impression that we didn’t put any effort into our hair, even if it took us hours and a million bobby pins to perfect that knot. Guys want to be able to touch your hair and run their fingers through, and the topknot clearly says “don’t touch this.”

At the end of the day, what models are wearing in Vogue may not be the look for you, and it may not be the look your man finds sexy.  Try wearing your more daring looks for your girlfriends (after all, they’re more likely to appreciate them), and keep it simple and sexy for your man. That way, everyone wins.