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Can You Tell The Difference Between Love And Lust?

Love or lust?
Here’s a question for you all today. How many times in your life have you been in love, and I mean seriously in love? Right now some of you will be saying, “Well, maybe once or twice.” Others will be saying, “Wow, probably five or six times.” And others will be saying, “I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever truly been in love.” Read more

5 steps for getting perfect curls

For the first time in years, waves have finally overtaken the straight look.  Nearly all of 2014 hairstyles are showing some kind of “bend”, with the most popular being soft, loose, curls of varying sizes. There is a definite way to master the look, if you aren’t lucky enough to roll out of bed with those tousled, yet kempt, tresses. Here are a few pointers to kick-start your PhD in texture. Read more

#AskPatti: Sober dating, taking my services to Europe, the best millionaires & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello again, my tweeties. I hope that you’re all doing super well. East Coasters, are you hanging in there? It sounds like you all can’t catch a weather break. Here in LA, it’s boiling. I’m heading to the pool as soon as I wrap up writing this. It’s perfect sun and fun weather! (Sorry to brag, but I’m actually not sorry. Move out here! Seriously, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t live in California.) Anyway, let’s dive into these questions so I can dive into the pool! Read more

Dating After Divorce: When To Take The Single Out Of Single Mom

Worried single mother figures out when to date again
Figuring out when to start dating post breakup or divorce isn’t always easy, and it can be especially hard for single parents. Everyone’s situation is different and depending on the circumstances surrounding your split, you may need time for the emotional dust to settle before looking for love again. As you’re easing into a new routine with your kid(s) you might feel too overwhelmed to even think about dating – and that’s okay! Read more

Lip color that lasts through the night

So, you've made it to date night! Your outfit and hair are prepared to withstand whatever the night may hold - your lip color should be too. Here are 4 lippies to consider for getting fade, budge, and smudge-free wear no matter what your plans are. Read more

5 Reasons Men Won’t Commit To You

Are you dating Mr. Commitment Phobia? You love each other to bits, and you’d love nothing more than to settle down in a fully committed relationship. The trouble is, no matter what you say, you can’t seem to get him to official commit. You give him everything. Your heart and soul is his, and he knows exactly how you feel, yet in many ways it still feels like you’re living separate lives. Are you just stuck with a man who is afraid of commitment? Are all men commitment-phobes at heart? The answer here is a huge NO. Despite what some women believe, most men are perfectly capable of settling down. But, there are certain things which will put men off committing to you. It could be you’re unwittingly turning a man who would be completely devoted to you, into a “flaker in waiting” by making these 4 relationship mistakes! Read more