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How To Stay Positive After a Bad Date…Or Ten 

woman stays positive after a bad date
There are few things more defeating than coming home after a bad date. The disappointment can be enough to make you want to delete your online dating profiles, tell your friends you're off the market and declare yourself eternally single. If you're serious about finding love though, you're going to have to accept that bad dates just come with the territory, and it's how you handle them that really matters. For every bad date there will be five good ones-at least that is the pattern I've noticed in my own life. Here are some tips on how to stay positive after a no good, terrible, horrible date. Read more

Are YOU The Reason You Can’t Find Love?

Woman searches for love
Do you find most your dates end up going nowhere? Do find yourself sitting home alone on Saturday nights while most your friends are snuggling with their partners in front of a movie? Have you tried meeting a man online but ended up disappointed? Believe me. I get thousands of emails a week, and I hear it all. You met a guy who really wanted to be with you, and just as you opened up to him, he stopped calling and texting you. You don’t think online dating works. You feel like there are no good men out there. You feel unsexy and undesirable. You blame past relationships for ruining your self-confidence. No men approach you. There are no men in your age range available. Read more

Hair Survival Kit

Get out your white jeans and open toe shoes girls! It’s almost Memorial Day! If there’s one thing to be sure of, the weather for this festive 3 day weekend, is predictably unpredictable.  I find, the same is true for hair…sometimes excessive humidity give soft, pliable loose curls, while other times, it makes for a frizzy disaster.  Here is my list of “5 Must Have Items" to insure you hair can be repaired in a moments notice- rain or shine, beach, mountains, or desert: Read more

Signs you’re in a “for now” not “forever” relationship

Woman questions what kind of relationship she is in
How do you know if the guy you’re dating now is the one or just a future memory in the making? It’s often tricky because things like good sex and perfectly crinkly eyes when he smiles can make you feel like the relationship is more real than it actually is. Trust me, it happens to even the smartest women. A nice tush can do the same thing! So, here are quick questions you can ask yourself to find out if he’s perfect for you forever or just for now. Read more

Dating With Kids: Tips For Introducing Your New Boyfriend

A single mom introduces her boyfriend to her child
So you've finally met someone. You go, girl! Wondering if it's getting serious enough for this amazing man to meet your kid? While some single moms choose to introduce new boyfriends right away, others wait. It's really a matter of preference. I've always been a waiter. I'm pretty picky about the men I bring into my own life, so you can imagine how picky I am about who I bring into my son's. I've never wanted to introduce someone to him and a few months later have to explain why "so-and-so" isn't around anymore. Read more

Can You Save Your Relationship?

Couple fights in a difficult relationship
Few things in life hurt as much as the end of a long-term relationship. It was all amazing at the start. You were in love. You had fun. You had passion. You couldn’t keep your hands off each other. It all felt so beautiful. It really felt like you could go on together forever and take on the world. But things changed. Maybe you got married, or had children. Maybe there was a family tragedy, or a house move that didn’t go to plan. Whatever it was, the passion is dying and the relationship is struggling. You feel alone, frightened, and sometimes even desperate. Read more