Hair Survival Kit

Get out your white jeans and open toe shoes girls! It’s almost Memorial Day!

If there’s one thing to be sure of, the weather for this festive 3 day weekend, is predictably unpredictable.  I find, the same is true for hair…sometimes excessive humidity give soft, pliable loose curls, while other times, it makes for a frizzy disaster.  Here is my list of “5 Must Have Items” to insure you hair can be repaired in a moments notice- rain or shine, beach, mountains, or desert:

1.  A Cool Scarf

Out with the tiny, thin headband, in with the wide scarf…and the good news is, the scarf is WAY more versatile.  You can can do everything from pony tail your hair to the side, and tie it around, to channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn, by going with the full on, “I’m in a convertible” wrap around.  There’s nothing a scarf can’t cover or enhance- and it’s good for both shorter and longer locks.

image001 image003 image005

2.  Bobby Pins of Various Sizes

The bobby pin is probably the most underrated hair tool of all times.  The key is to choose the right size, type, and color for your hair- i.e., if you have short, finer, light brown hair, choose a mini, light brown bobby pin.


Bobby pins can do everything from clip away bangs that are still growing out, to whip up hair into a loose twist with ease.  They are user friendly, as they require little skill- if the hair isn’t holding, simply use more pins until it stays in place!


image011 image013

3.  A Good Hair Tie

Please re-read #3…a GOOD hair tie.  What constitutes good?  One that doesn’t catch the hair, or have any metal parts. (as in, leave the rubber bands in the office, and off your head).  While a hair band is a saving grace for almost any bad hair day, it can actually cause damage if it snags (causing breakage), or is twisted too tight (pulling out hair).

image015 image017

My favorite look of the season is the “top knot”.  Comb hair into a high pony tail, all the way to the very crown of the head (a la I Dream of Jeanie), and secure with a tie.  Hold the ponytail straight up and twist it from roots to ends.  Wrap the twisted hair in a bun, around the base of the pony tail.  Use a  2nd hair band to tie on the outside of the hair – around the bun itself.  Leave ends loose for a more fun, free look.

image019 image021 image023

4.  Lightweight Holding Creame/Paste with Shine

A light holding creme is a multi-faceted product.  It imparts a nice shine, so it can be used as a gloss.  It can tip out ends that are a little flyaway.  It helps to give hold to any pony tail, braid or twist.  It makes curls mold together without being crunchy.  It can slick down those trendy, heavy side parts.  And you can slap some on your guy if his hair gets unruly.

Nearly every product company has one, but my personal fav is Shu Uemura’s Kengo Feather.

image025 image028 image030

5.  A Baseball Hat

When all else fails…break out the hat!  Call me crazy, but men love a girl in a baseball cap (ask around, and see if I’m right about this one).   A baseball hat extends beyond just shouting out to the world who your favorite sports team is- you can don everything from your favorite designer, to the full on trucker look.  I find it to be total insurance, that whatever the condition of my hair, it is never beyond repair with a cute cap.

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