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What to expect from season six of Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger is single and dating!It’s not a secret that my engagement ended. I’m single now and, even as a matchmaker, it’s hard when something good comes to an end. No matter who you are, it happens. People outgrow each other.

After I followed my own advice, went through a dating detox, got in shape and meditated the old energy away, I am ready to date again and season six is along for the ride.

The tables are turning

I won’t lie — I’m scared to death! It’s not easy getting back into the dating scene after a long-term relationship ends, no matter how ready you think you are. Getting back on the horse can make for a rough ride. It’s not easy on me and you’ll see every aspect of the process, what kind of men I meet and how the dates go. I’m doing some real ground work and turning the tables on myself. Of course, we also have a bunch of great contestants that will appear on the show, seeking their own matches. Watch for some really surprising twists and turns!

We talk about what I am looking for in a guy to get the vibrations out there and then the dating begins — for me and for the millionaires! I remind myself to keep an open mind, to be open to love and whatever unique and special situations might come my way.

The real surprise? I’m actually very soft and shy in my personal life despite the way I am professionally. I think everybody — including the men I go out with — are a little taken aback to see this. Reality TV shows don’t show everything, especially when it’s centered on your professional life. I am very different when I’m at home with friends or with a man. Are you excited to tune in this season?

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15 Responses to What to expect from season six of Millionaire Matchmaker

  1. Mariana Martinez says:

    I am so excited for the new season but I am most excited to see u find true love. Wonderful people deserve true love and that is my wish for u Patti. My toes, fingers and everything else are crossed. I’m also sending positive thoughts your way:)

  2. Shannah says:


    • Catherine Conelly says:

      The new season will air in the Fall. Sometime in September/October and we lots of fun surprises this season. Stay tuned!

  3. thetruth says:

    re-enactment of breakup
    bf:Patti, have you considered that maybe we should try it my way?
    Patti: FU_K you!!! Who do you think you are?? How dare you!! Get out!!! Get out!!! Get out!!! Get out!!!

    • LA Smith says:

      Patti, we are ADDICTED to MM!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you AND the show!!! Even the hubby loves it! We had it all set up to record and then lost all future recordings… NOT happy about that one! LOL! You are the bomb, girl! You tell it straight and we LOVE you!

      I have my perfect man! (Ok, he’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me!) He came into my life in a very unpredictable and really SAD way… but God works in His time and in His way! My man is NOTHING like I would have picked for myself… but I gave God His way and have never been happier! (I am not an overly religious person… and yes, I used to be a control freak. I am now disabled… so God took my control.) I was ready to hang up relationships for good and then BAM! This very unlikely man waltzed in and swept me totally off my feet and stole my heart! And by the way… his kiss can literally curl my toes! Just sayin’!

      I hope you find a man who can curl your toes, make you laugh, and be your best friend… even when you have besties that are the best! Good luck with life and love, Patti! We hope to find you back on TV here!!!

      To love and happiness!!!

    • LA Smith says:

      You missed, “Get the F&%K out!!!!” LOL!!!

  4. sarah tirosh says:

    When does season 6 start??

  5. Myra Lousteau says:

    No more suspense !! I NEED Patti back NOW !! C’mon and get the new season on soon !! :-}PLEASE:-}

  6. Lost Johnny says:

    Yes, I agree with Myra, please for the love of godget backonthe air. I was reduced to watching Honey Boo Boo, dammit Patti we need you now!!!!!!!!!

  7. Zara says:

    Hi Patti, just wanted to say I love love love your show. You look absolutely stunning! I want to thank you, because you taught me a lot about men and dating. So when my broken heart is healed I will definately take your advice and go for it. I am one of those women that always makes the wrong choices when it comes to men. Dating much younger guys (not once, but always), shove a fantastic carreer aside for a guy and then end up broke and sad. I was always going all the way too fast and afraid of real commitment (aka online dating is so safe, not, your heart can be broken as well). Now I am 49 and decided it has to happen next year. Carreer back, going on a diet and throw the sadness away. You are such a great inspirer for me. I’ll keep following you and hope you will find your true love, you deserve that 🙂
    Warm regards from Zara (Netherlands).

  8. Nat says:

    A little feedback after watching episode partly about Julian who lives in Pasadena. Let go of all the judgement! The way his house was approached and not to your liking was appalling! Its his choice, back off! I didnt see any evidence of him “showing off” his porsche. It didnt seem that he was on the prowl for a materialistic barbie doll so why make it out that way. And why label him and try to change him too much instead of just helping him overcome his hurdles when trying to date people.

    You could have helped him find someone who would suit his personality and who would appreciate his idiosyncrasies instead of judgementally picking at him and criticizing him as soon as he opens his mouth. Find the best partner for HIM, isnt that what the show is supposed to be about. If not, you might as well call the show ‘Matchmaker for gold-diggers’.

  9. Kylene Law says:

    What was the dating detox? I live close to Sedona. I would totally do it. Did you see someone? Was it a weekend retreat?


    You look really Happy, I am really Happy for you.


  10. Emma bray says:

    Omg I love watching millionaire matchmaker and it drives my partner insane!! Being in the uk we are behind but I watch it religiously and I love it!!! Keep up the good work and don’t stop with the patti melts they are the best!!!

  11. neil in the uk says:

    over here in uk we are a bit behind in episodes so having watched one – then followed shortly by an episode of big bang – I now know what leonard meant by a “pattimelt”

    sorry to read patti’s engagement ended and she is single again

  12. Winona Wolf says:

    what happened to dustin and his wife where are they. I liked them

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