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How Fifty Shades of Grey can help your relationship

Fifty Shades of GreyWomen today make their own money. We don’t need men; we desire men. Read just a sample of the erotica in the book and you’ll wish your man grabbed your wrists and kissed you as passionately as Anastasia describes her first kiss with her handsome billionaire.

Any book that is referred to as “mommy porn” can’t be an entirely bad thing if it’s getting women juicy goosey and revved up to clear the pipes. 

It’s not just about sex

Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t about hot sex alone. Anastasia’s exploration of Christian’s past helps him heal and his love for her inspires him to want to work on his issues and change for her. She stands her ground and sets boundaries that she does not budge on despite Christian’s role as a manipulative, dominant man who is used to getting whatever he wants. It paves the course for her to get the real man and the relationship she wants, including the promise of marriage and children. She doesn’t have to sign the contract to get the man — Christian can’t resist her.

It’s about being honest with yourself

Anastasia also knew when to let go of something that wasn’t working for her, which every woman needs to be able to admit. She had no issue speaking up about her needs, forcing Christian to change his ways for her — not the other way around. Stay true to yourself and what you want!

Okay so it’s about sex, too

The book’s graphic details and description of sex reminds us all that the mix of man and woman is hot and that includes what’s going on between you and your guy, not just what you read in fiction. When Christian pins Ana against the elevator and they spend their first night together, it’s hot! Don’t deny it! Nothing’s sexier for a relationship than to be a little hot when your man gets home, so keep reading.

Let your imagination and fantasies wander next time the two of you get in bed. BDSM doesn’t have to be your thing, but you might be inspired to experiment with something new after reading this book. Your man will love the surprise in the sack, though ask before you flog.

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