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What To Do If your Ex Won’t Leave You Alone

So, you’ve gone through the horror of a break up and you’re officially over your ex. Phew! You can finally exhale, right? Well, you can if your ex is out of the picture. But, some men just don’t understand the meaning of “good bye” and won’t leave you alone. I’ve been following the hilarious Instagram account TextsFromYourEx and it just made me think that there could be a lot of ladies out there who need help showing their ex the door once and for all. And in some cases, an ex getting in touch is not funny at all and can even be violating. So, here’s my advice. Read more

How to tell if your relationship is ready for your first vacation

Ah, the first vacation as a couple. It’s a tried and true milestone of a relationship. And the post-first couple’s vacation break up…is less of a milestone and more of a dead-end. But, it’s pretty tried and true. Read more

What to do When Meeting His Friends Doesn’t go Well

Meeting your new guy’s friends is a huge deal. Not quite as big as meeting the parents, but it’s definitely on the same relationship marker spectrum. It means he’s proud of you and wants to show you off to people who are important to him. And he should be. You’re awesome, woman! But, that first friend meet isn’t always smooth sailing. I’ve heard friend horror stories that will make even the worst mother-in-law stories look like fairy tales. Here’s what to do when things go awry in the friend department. Read more

How to Deal with a Cancelled Date

You have a date planned. For some women, that means prep starts up to a week before with waxing and peels. For others, it could mean just a restless night of sleep due to first date nerves. Some women might get up early and blow out their hair before work so they can be date ready right at 5pm. Other women might spend their lunch Google stalking their set up. No matter who you are, if you have a date, there’s some sort of pre-date ritual you go through. And it’s a real buzzkill when you’re all amped up for a date and the guy gets in touch to cancel. Here’s how to deal. Read more

4 Steps To Finding Real Love

You may think finding love is difficult, but I promise that it can be a lot easier than you think! For today's article, I teamed up with dating coach, Mike Goldstein again to give you both a male and female perspective on how to find love. Read more

The Cringe – I Actually Dated… HIM

We'll go ahead and blame youth and inexperience on this, but have you ever sat back and looked at an ex you don't even have an ounce of feelings for on facebook and think (why you even looked you have no clue)…"wait a minute… I dated him… like, actually dated him...". You start to feel like that took place in a different lifetime or alternate universe. You go to take a good hard look in the mirror and believe that there is no physical possible way the girl staring back at you actually is the same girl that dated said guy. Read more