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Mr. Instagram Troll

Real talk, it is pretty damn clear that the social media's have a negative effect on our dating lives. They spark jealousy, insecurity, and confusion to all daters world over. How could they not? We are all constantly in touch with everyone's living and waking moments and we pay especially close attention to these "moments" or posts from people that are potential love interests. Read more

My Husband Is Selfish. What Should I Do?

One of my closest friends recently confessed to me that she and her husband are having problems. Or, more specifically, she’s having problems with him. I was really touched that she told me. Married people have so much pressure on them to paint a perfect picture of their marriage and pretend like they’re always 100% happy in their partnership. Here’s the real talk on marriage, though: No one’s 100% happy. Marriage is a lot of compromise and struggle and you just have to hope that the good outweighs the bad. And there will be some days, week or maybe even years when the bad feels heavier than the good, but hopefully long-term, you can switch those scales. I just think we need to discuss this a bit more so people don’t panic when they find themselves in a tough spot with their spouse and feel like their marriage is a total failure. That doesn’t mean that your marriage is a failure. That means your marriage is a marriage. Anyway, my friend told me that her husband was being really selfish and that she didn’t know what to do. I’m going to share with you all the advice I told her, just in case it’s helpful to anyone out there. Read more

What To To When You Don’t Get Your Friend’s Boyfriend

Have you all heard the latest rumor that Ed Sheeran is dating Nicole Scherzinger. Yeah, you read that correctly. The 24-year-old ginger slow jam crooner is supposed to be romantically linked to the 37-year-old professional sexpot and front lady of the Pussycat Dolls. Who knows if it’s true? Well, I mean, I guess they do. And I know from personal experience that tabloids will basically print anything, without any regard for how real the news is. True or not, it got me thinking about what to do when your friend is dating someone who flat out confuses you. In this case, I bet friends of Nicole and Ed would be scratching their heads trying to make sense of this duo. Here’s what to do if you’re in that situation. Read more

What A Rich Man Sees When You’re Naked

When it comes to the view of a rich man, one thing is for sure: All women aren't created equal. Unlike the everyday guy, a rich man is not typically attracted to beauty in all shapes and sizes. Read more

How to Have Fun as a Single Girl at a Family Wedding

Is anyone else dealing with back-to-back weddings this summer? I am and so many of my girlfriends are too. And weddings are of course super happy occasions. I totally live for weddings! But, even I’ll admit, they’re a little happier when you’re in a couple. When you’ve got a man, a wedding is basically a big, fancy date that someone else is paying for. When you’re single, they’re kinda a big fat reminder of how alone you are…with cake. And when it’s a family wedding, the fun factor can be turned down even more because your weird Aunt Helene is sucking the air out of the room. Trust me, I know the story. (If you’re reading this, hi, Aunt Helene!) Well, here’s how to have fun at a crappy family wedding if you’re single. Read more

Why Every Single Person Needs to Watch Bachelor in Paradise

I’m not afraid to admit that I love Bachelor in Paradise. My heart was all kinds of broken when I heard they were cancelling Bachelor Pad, which I was obvs a huge fan of, but Bachelor in Paradise has helped me lick those wounds and move on. It’s such a great show! Every single second is entertaining and heartfelt. And I know people say that reality TV is fake, but if you watch 10 minutes of Bachelor in Paradise, you'll see that these people are real and are having very real emotions. At least, this all goes for season one of the show. I’m already sucked into season two, so I'm assuming it'll be as good as last year. Here’s why I think everyone looking for love needs to be watching. Read more