What to do if you’re anti your millionaire’s political views

About the divorce of President Trump’s new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci and his wife Deidre Ball. Ms. Ball allegedly left him because she’s very anti-Trump and couldn’t handle how ambitious her husband was in terms of getting into the Trump White House. I’ve made no bones about my opinions on Trump, so I’m not here to defend anyone in the administration. And I certainly don’t think Ms. Ball did anything wrong in ending her marriage. I don’t know the full story! But, I want to share some ways to approach a difference in political views if you’re dating a millionaire on the other end of the political spectrum.

Educate yourself

We all have political views that we just believe…not because we’ve done the research or read all the policies. We feel in our gut one way or another and we just go with it. That’s all fine and dandy when you’re surrounded by likeminded individuals, but when you’re in a relationship with someone who has opposing views, feeling it in your gut isn’t going to cut it. You need to have the facts and be as educated on your views as possible so you can have well-informed and productive discussions and debates. Read every thing you can and be up to date on current events because most millionaires are! This drive to get educated is actually a real positive of dating someone with opposing views. I find it very challenging and motivating.

One issue at a time

If you find yourself debating politics with your millionaire boo, be sure you’re addressing one issue at a time. That will make it easier to keep the conversation civil and for you two to actually make meaningful points to each other. Discussing the entire spectrum of legislation you disagree on at once is a recipe for disaster. That kind of conversation can get out of control quickly and lead to saying things you don’t really mean.

See their side, or at least try

People have different points of view because they have different life experiences. And not like I think millionaires are sad minorities that needs special treatment, but they do have different lives than most people lead. Your millionaire could hold his or her views because of his or her specific life. Maybe he’s out of touch with working America or maybe her finances would be very impacted by certain tax changes. Many millionaires make political decisions based on economic factors instead of social factors. Of course you don’t have to think their side is right. But, take some time to try and figure out why they have this opposing view instead of writing them off completely for having it. And encourage them to do the same thing to you.

Future involvement

Here’s an important one if you’re thinking of a long terms commitment with your millionaire. Discuss how you both want to be involved in politics moving forward. Does your millionaire want to run for office? Do you? Are you two going to donate to politicians? Are there specific lobbying groups that would be deal breakers for donations? Get a clear sense of each of your visions for your political futures and be sure that you’re both comfortable with the other’s idea. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to be part of a marriage where one of you gave funding to the NRA or maybe you’d want your millionaire’s support if you ran for local office, even if you were running outside his or her typical party. Have a frank and open discussion about your political future as a couple and see what kind of compromises you can make.

What’s non-negotiable

Look, some things can’t be compromised on. I get that. Think about what your issues are and communicate them to your millionaire boo. If you two can’t come to a compromise that feels workable to you, get out. Some things are worth compromising on, but your core values definitely shouldn’t be included on that list. Sometimes politics are just politics and sometimes they’re much deeper. You know where your limit is. So, respect your limit and yourself. Don’t feel like you have to continue to date your millionaire if you really can’t feel respected or valued with his or her political views.

If you’re in a relationship that’s split along party lines, I wish you the best of luck! These are very divided times. I’m a firm believer than love can conquer all. So, it’s possible for a relationship like yours to work. I have faith in you and your millionaire.