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Trying To Get Over A Horrible Ex? Your Dreams Can Help!

dreamingbigGetting out of a bad relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you are free from it. All too often we allow the ex, no matter how horrible he or she may have been, to continue to live in our hearts and minds long after the break up occurred. Because of this, it’s hard to know if you are truly over the ex or not.

The good news is that your dreams will always show you the truth of where you are in the “letting go” process. Below is an excellent example of how a dream gave confirmation to a woman that she truly was over her horrible, terrible ex…

Dear Lauri,
I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. Last night I dreamt his shoes were in my dryer without shoelaces in them. There was also a green shirt in there. I threw both out in my dream. I really felt I was over him but this dream has me second guessing that.
– Marnie, Daytona Beach FL

Lauri: Your dream shows that you have no more “ties” to your boyfriend. In your relationship, were there always “strings attached” to the things he did? The dryer may mean that you really “hung him out to dry,” in other words, punished him pretty severely. The shoes symbolize something from the relationship that still remains in your heart or in your mind. It could be “where he stands” in the relationship. It could be his ability to “put his foot down.” But I can’t help but wonder if maybe he had “stepped out” on you and that’s what the shoes are and that fact is what remains in your psyche… or at least remained there until now! (I also think the green shirt is connected to jealousy) The good news is you got rid of them which shows us that you are successfully ridding yourself of all the nonsense.

Marnie replies: Wow Lauri. Well, the strings attached is our 15 month old daughter who he has written off so easily. And no doubt he’s green with jealousy since he screwed up and lost the happy home he had. I still have mine! He did something horrible to me and I told him to never come back. So he left the state but has made no attempt to help provide for our daughter. So yes, that’s stepping out. And yes, I have rid myself of everything that was even slightly associated with him. And yes, I did hang him out to dry. Thank you!

Like Marnie, your dreams will let you know when you are finally emotionally and psychologically free from your ex. Look for dreams of cleaning up messes and showering or bathing. Look for dreams of flying or going up such as a staircase or elevator. And finally, dreams of surviving a plane or car crash or sinking ship are also common after you’re finally free.

Have you been having dreams about your relationship or even your ex? Tell me about them in the comments below.

Photo credit: Bram & Vera / CC BY-NC-ND