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3 Signs You Still Hate Your Ex

You know, I could've titled this "Three Signs You Still Love Your Ex." Because love and hate are each an emotion that is very close to the other, if you think about it. I want to go over this today with all of you because there are a lot of you out there that have a lot of anger toward the ex in your life, and for some of you it's affecting a lot of different levels of your life. Read more

What To Do When You Run Into An Ex

There’s a strange thing that we as adults do. When we run into someone like an ex-flame, we go back to playing the game that we used to play as children: Hide And Go Seek. Or maybe you just ignore the person. Or say hello and scramble out the door as quickly as possible to avoid any type of human interaction with that person. It's funny actually, but also quite sad in a way. Read more

The Number One Reason Why You Need To Thank Your Exes

I'm going to go radical on you today. I'm going to give you the number one reason why you need to actually thank your exes. First, I'm going to share a story with all of you that you may have heard if you've read or listened to me over the years Read more

How to Deal With Your Ex

In coaching, I hear this on a regular basis: “I hate my ex.” “I can't believe I had children with this man or woman.” “I can't believe I have to deal with them for the next X amount of years.” I hear this absolutely non-stop. Let me tell you, it's not that I don't understand it at all. It's almost like a cruel gift that keeps giving. Read more

Three Ways To Deal With An Annoying Ex

How many of you have an ex that drives you nuts? The beauty of an ex, when you don't have children, is that you can walk away clean. For those of you who are dealing with exes and you don't share kids, you're out of your mind. You don’t have to deal with them anymore. I am about to reveal to you three ways to deal with an ex. Read more

How to deal with working with your ex

Please tell me you all are watching Unreal. It’s a drama on Lifetime that goes behind the scenes on a Bachelor-like show and is all about how the sausage is made on reality television. My reality shows aren’t much like the show featured in Unreal, so I can’t say how true to life it is. But, I can say that it’s so interesting to watch. I’m obsessed with the Quinn character, who’s a badass in charge of everything and ruthless in her pursuit of success and power. She’s uncut drive personified and I love seeing that in a female character. It’s too rare if you ask me! Read more