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Top Reasons to Rethink Online Dating & Work With a Matchmaker

Woman rethinks online dating and considers finding a matchmakerBefore finding a certified matchmaker many people try online dating, and I understand why. Online dating seems easy and accessible. You turn on the computer, sign up, and the browsing of eligible singles begins.

Unfortunately, although it seems like a great medium to meet new people, online dating comes with some major cons. Photos can be out of date, people are often dishonest on their profiles, and the cost and time spent on the site quickly adds up due to the amount of sifting through profiles involved.

I have seen first hand that using a matchmaker is a more worthwhile and productive way of looking for love. A matchmaker provides invaluable service that just does not come with dating online.

An online dating site will not coach you before and during your date, will not help you change unproductive past dating patterns, and certainly will not help build your self-esteem.

Below are my top reasons that a certified matchmaker is the way to go if you are serious about looking for love.

Matchmakers provide…


Matchmakers make it their business to get to know your wants, needs, and desires. It is important for them to establish a trust so that you feel comfortable communicating all of your wishes. It’s hard to trust a person behind an online profile. You can never be totally sure whom you are speaking with, or what you will get when you meet them for your date.


Your matchmaker will only introduce you to people you’re interested in and will not release your contact information or photo to anyone without your permission. By using a matchmaker, no one—not your boss, your ex, or your family members—will know you are looking for a mate unless, of course, you tell them. Never again will you bump into your neighbor while scrolling on OKCupid!


No one wants to meet a perfect stranger. Your matchmaker has spoken with, met, and checked the references of everyone you are introduced to. Because of this you can explore romance without fear or worry.

Personalized Service:

Your matchmaker gets to know YOU. Based on your unique personality, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, and values, understands exactly who will be a suitable and rewarding match. Doesn’t that sound more reassuring than an online algorithm?

With online dating there is no way to know if the person behind the profile is who they seem to be.

Time Saved:

Never again will you have to spend hours browsing thousands of online profiles, writing dozens of introduction e-mails, and spending the evening alone when a promising prospect doesn’t show up for a date.  Your matchmaker will take care of all the details for you, and because they only market you to a well-defined target community based on the type of match you are looking for, time is never wasted. You can save your energy for the actual date!

Match Screening:

Matchmakers meet with each person you are introduced to. With online dating there is no way to know if the person behind the profile is who they seem to be. No more worrying that your date might be telling a lie on their profile. There is no fooling the matchmaker.


After each date a matchmaker follows up for specific feedback. Using this feedback they are able to zero in on your perfect match—unless, of course, they hit the nail on the head with the first try! When you date online there is no expert available for you to debrief with or to help you decide where to go next. With a matchmaker you wont be left to go back to scrolling the thousands of profiles after a not so great date.


If after all of these points you still think online dating might be for you, by all means give it a try.  Just please be careful and remember that the people you are interacting with are strangers and have been screened by no one.

Hopefully though, you now see the considerable benefit of working with a qualified matchmaker, and are ready to look for one in your area.   Stay tuned for the top key questions to ask a matchmaker before hiring them which will be coming soon.

When seeking a matchmaker, I recommend choosing an individual that has been certified and has a strong list of credentials. Check in next week as I go into detail about what it means to be a certified matchmaker, and why working with someone who is certified is so beneficial.

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