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The iPhone Is Killing Your Sex Life

woman distracted by her iphoneDo you remember Hollywood sex in the old days? Halfway through the film you’d see the leading man completely ravish the leading lady. They’d look deep into each other’s eyes, they’d kiss passionately, he’d touch her all over, and when it became too much for them, he’d throw her on the bed and give her hot, passionate sex.

Here is the crazy thing. How would all those amazing sex scenes from Hollywood end? The couple would collapse onto the bed in a sweaty, breathy heap. Then seconds later they’d light up a stinking cigarette! Why would anyone want to smoke a disgusting cigarette after beautiful sex? It was the way Hollywood liked to depict sex.

And today the same kind of thing happens… but now it’s something much worse! Your man grabs you from behind and pushes you down on the bed. Before you know it he’s making some of the most amazing love to you ever. It feels amazing. You orgasm so powerfully your body still shakes for minutes after the sex is over. You dreamt of dating a man who makes you feel this good.

The sex is mind-blowing you literally can’t get enough it. After he’s ravished you, your man goes downstairs to get some water. The next thing, you light up. Not a cigerette, but your Smartphone. You want to see what’s happening on Facebook. Your man comes back into the room. He looks at this beautiful woman he adores glowing in the soft light and wonders, “Has she lit candles?”

He soon realizes it isn’t the romantic glow of candles, but the ambient light of Facebook. As your little fingers trace the screen, he shakes his head in disgust. “What are you doing?” He asks. “I’m just sending a quick message. What’s wrong? I love you and the sex was amazing. It’s just a little message I’m sending.” You explain.

Is this something you’ve done? Can you see what’s wrong with this scene?

To me there’s a ton wrong with the scene. When you start playing with your phone after sex you disconnect from that special moment you just shared. There’s something amazing about those minutes after sex when you lie side by side, feeling like you’re on air. When you turn on your phone you disconnect from that. It’s something you should NEVER do. I hate it. After amazing sex I want to melt into my lovers arms. I want to feel them, and I want us to stay connected. It’s a fantastic feeling. I’ve been with a woman who used to ruin the moment by playing with her phone.

It drove me absolutely crazy and I told her too. The problem was she was like a teenager with her phone. She was obsessed with Twitter and Facebook. I’d go mad at her for playing with the phone after we’d made love, and she’d get all defensive at me. It got to the point where she’d try and do it under the covers so I wouldn’t see it!

When you turn on your phone you disconnect from that. It’s something you should NEVER do.

Would you be surprised if I told you I’m not with her anymore? I need a relationship with someone who isn’t obsessed with her cellphone. I want a woman I can connect with. I don’t want to share a bed with it, and I don’t want it to appear the moment I’ve finished making love to her. It’s insane!

Here’s some serious advice. The next time you’ve made love with your man, reach for him and not your phone. Enjoy that beautiful afterglow, and don’t disconnect from the moment you just shared. And whatever you do, never date like this…