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3 Single girl rules for New Year’s Eve kissing

New Years Eve KissIf a New Year’s Eve kiss isn’t the best way to start of a new year, I really don’t know what is. I love the idea of sealing the old year with a kiss and having something so sweet and simple kick off the coming year. And I know there’s a ton of pressure around New Year’s Eve kissing, especially for single girl. But, I think if you can break through that and just enjoy the tradition, you’ll see the beauty I do. If you’re planning on doing some New Year’s Eve kissing, and I hope you are, here are three rules to help guide you.

  1. It’s just a kiss

    Don’t over think it too much, woman. While it is a special kiss, it’s still just a kiss. Mwah. That’s it! Don’t feel like it has to be perfect or put too much pressure on it. Nothing about this kiss determines anything for the fate of your next year. Just pucker up and enjoy the moment. It’s just a nice symbol you don’t want to miss out on because you’re stuck inside your head.

  2. Don’t be a drunk girl

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but my two drink rule still applies if you’re trying to meet men on New Year’s Eve. I know, staying mostly sober on New Year’s Eve sounds like torture to some people. But, I’m telling you, if you’re on the hunt for a special newbie to kiss when the ball drops, you want to be fully cognizant for that first meet. You’re going to be so much more charming having all of your wits about you and not slurring your words. Plus, don’t you want to remember a really great New Year’s Eve kiss? How about this as a compromise? Two drinks before the ball drops and one after!

  3. Everyone wants a kiss

    Remember that everyone wants a New Year’s Eve kiss. Standing alone when the ball drops with no one to smooch is not a desirable place to be for a man or a woman. So, don’t be shy in those few minutes before midnight. Men will still want to do the hunting, so don’t be too aggressive. But, keep your eyes open for a solo gentleman. Then, all you need to do is make eye contact and smile. I normally call this move “the five second flirt” because after a five second smile, any man will come over and chat you up. But, on New Year’s Eve, I can rename it “the nanosecond flirt” because all you need is the briefest of eye flirt sessions to get a single guy’s attention on New Year’s Eve. His eyes are on the kissing prize too.


Pucker up, my loves! Sending my best wishes and best kisses to you all in 2014!