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Take Risks To Find Love

9181738326_e640071172How many times have you been on a vacation where you truly let go off life, and took the time to connect with yourself?

I was talking with friends earlier about risk taking, and how taking risks was one of the secrets to finding the love you crave. Here’s a question for you…

When did you last take time out from life? When was the last time you took even a few minutes to shut down from all the STUFF going on in your life?

If you don’t do it, you need to start today. Even I trained myself to take time out. Yesterday I was starting to work, and I had a flood of texts coming in. People working for me wanting to know when things were happening, and people chasing me for deadlines. In that moment, I realized it’s all just STUFF. It’s STUFF going on that in the long run really doesn’t matter.

Why are we all really here on earth? I believe we’re here to love, to connect, and to experience each other. We’re all here to travel, to eat, and to experience things. Instead, each day we trap ourselves with STUFF. We get so trapped in our daily lives that we forget to let go and actually enjoy what life offers us.

When did you last let go and focus on just one thing with a clear head?

Recently I was at the gym, and watching this woman working out. She looked like she was in the zone, but then I noticed she was playing with her iPhone, and checking her watch.

She wasn’t experience her exercise at all. She wasn’t feeling the squats she was doing. She had to check Facebook, or Twitter. She wasn’t focused on why she was there. Another day I watched two women working out together, but they weren’t concentrating either. They were talking, but messaging other people on the phone at the same time. They were together in body but not in spirit.

Every single day we float around in some weird autopilot, not noticing the beauty in front of our eyes. People wonder why they’re single. It’s because we never take the time to connect anymore. We’re more interested in talking to our digital friends. I see it every day and it’s sad.

Today I want you to watch this video all about risk, and the importance of connection. It’s also a chance for you to take a short 1-minute vacation from life. Give yourself this gift and then tell me in the comments below how you feel!

Photo credit: L’oeil étranger / CC BY