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The one reason why you don’t find love

As I combed through my daily batch of e-mails, I read a theme that seems to be going strong for so many women: a desire for love, yet no idea how to find it. How do you find love? Well, love is literally looking you back in the mirror every single day. It starts with loving yourself. It starts with honoring yourself. We've all heard the term self-love so many times. But Read more

Before Love, We Must Have Crush

The term, looking for the one. Falling in love. Meeting the right person for you to have that great love relationship is a great end result, but there are two magical steps before you fall in love with somebody. And the first one is: you have to have a crush on them. It really is that simple. You need to meet somebody Read more

In Love: How to tell if you’re really in love

I’ve been watching The Bachelorette this season. Well, I watch it every season. Love that show! This season seems to be moving particularly quickly in terms of declared emotions and particularly slowly in terms of information. The men seems to already be announcing their love for JoJo without having much time with her, sharing much about themselves or learning much about her. Of course, there’s probably a lot going on off camera or on the editing room floor that we’re not seeing. Believe me, I know that reality shows are just slices of what’s really going on and often not the full picture. Read more

6 Tinder tips from real women who found love on Tinder

I’ve discussed it on this site a million times. Online dating and dating apps are must-dos if you’re looking for love. There is absolutely no room to negotiate there. If you’re not looking for love online, you’re simply not trying. End of story. That being said, online dating isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a whole lot of work and can get exhausting, especially dating apps like Tinder. So, I thought that I’d talk to real women who found love on Tinder and pick their brains for important lessons we single girls can learn from their success. I found their answers to be super interesting and I hope you do, too! Read more

A real witch shares how love spells can help your love life

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been spending a lot of time consulting my favorite experts for love advice. I’m talking to them for me, but I also set aside some extra time to get information and tips that could be helpful to you all, too! Recently, I chatted about love spells with psychic, intuitive counselor, teacher, healer and spellcaster, Marie Bargas. You might know her better as The Hollywood Witch. I think you’re going to love learning about love spells! Read more

The Top 3 Reasons Why Early Fall Is The Best Time To Be A Lover

As summer quickly comes to an end, it is a fine time to put away your white clothing, toast to your favorite summer memories, and find a way to spark a special connection that will help you transition into a new season. Read more