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The Top 3 Reasons Why Early Fall Is The Best Time To Be A Lover

5068406831_940207cb5dAs summer quickly comes to an end, it is a fine time to put away your white clothing, toast to your favorite summer memories, and find a way to spark a special connection that will help you transition into a new season.

Although there is an exciting new energy in the air with the start of school and new business opportunities for many, it can also be a sad time for singles.

We’ve all been there. As the temperatures drop, so does our excitement about our love life. Chances are, you’ve either had a summer fling that has come to an end or haven’t met anyone worth writing home about. Your love life can feel a big stagnant around Labor Day, but rest assured, this is as good of a time as any to get out there and meet your match!
In fact, it is the best time to find the perfect spot to mix, mingle, and meet some hotties who can bring your temperature back up! Fall is for lovers. Here’s why!

1. Everyone is back in town and ready to go out.

Summer in the city isn’t the ideal time for dating. In NYC, for instance, it seems like everyone is upstate, in the Hamptons, or on holiday in Europe. It can be nearly impossible to find a time to go out with your girlfriends to meet men—let alone schedule a date with someone. When you do go out in the summer, you notice that this city is empty. But come the end of August, while the weather is still nice, the bars, lounges, and restaurants are popping! People want to enjoy the last of the warm weather. If you look to your social network, there will be plenty of BBQs, parties, and events to attend. September is also a great month for street fairs and doing just about anything outside while everyone wants to be out basking in the change of the seasons.

2. People are looking good.

Looks like all that time spent being active in the sun did a body good! People are still tan and fit going into the fall. Their minds are relaxed after their vacations. They are refreshed and have a positive energy this time of year. When they are looking good, they are feeling good. Single guys may be more likely to approach you when they are in this state of mind—and you are still wearing those little sundresses they all look forward to every summer!

3. Singles are hoping to start a serious relationship now.

For a lot of singles, summer is all about having fun and hooking up. By the time fall comes, many have been there and done that. They are now looking for a relationship with substance—one that can go the distance and last at least through the start of the new year. After all, no one wants to be alone during the holidays. Guys know that if they want a lady to take home for Christmas dinner, they have to put in the groundwork now. Fall seems like a new time, to, no pun intended, turn over a new leaf. If you just get yourself out and about to some of the places mentioned in the early fall , you can meet a relationship-oriented guy you like in no time!

Photo credit: FreeWine / CC BY