Why every relationship needs a shared calendar

There are certain technological advancements that I honestly don’t know how I lived without – GPS, email, Uber and, when I’m in a relationship, shared calendars. Every single couple needs to get themselves a shared calendar. If you don’t, you’re really doing yourself, and your relationship, a massive disservice. Here’s why.

Communication is hard

I’m the broken record of communication being the most important part of a relationship. But, I’m also the first to admit that communication is hard. And doing hard things isn’t fun. It’s exhausting. If you two put your schedules on a shared calendar, the calendar does a lot of the communication heavy lifting for you. No more checking in to see when there’s free time, when someone’s on a flight and when the next period of working late is. It’s all right on the calendar. Save your communication energy for the big stuff technology can’t do for you.

No one’s in charge

There’s nothing less sexy than feeling like you’re the head of operations for your relationship. You turn into the enforcer, which often means you’re the bad guy who has to say no to fun things because you have other commitments. With a joint calendar you both can edit it and both of you are equally responsible. No more acting like his mom or secretary. You can go back to being his romantic partner.

Forgetting isn’t an option

A lot of fights and hurt feelings happen when one person forgets something that’s important to the other. With a joint calendar, that doesn’t have to happen. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and your anniversary will all be on the calendar with reminders. You can also get detailed about big meetings at work when you need positive energy sent your way or schedule reminders to make reservations for upcoming celebrations. A shared calendar is essentially instant thoughtfulness. Who wouldn’t want that?

Hope this convinces you to get a shared calendar. It’s a fantastic tool that’ll improve your relationship with very little effort. As a dating and relationship expert, “very little effort” isn’t something I get to say very often. So, take advantage!