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What Will You Risk For Love

So you met a man. He's different. He's unique. He's pretty much everything you wanted. It's almost like you placed an order with the universe. You worked on yourself for all these years, then you called a number and you just showed up. Read more

Take Risks To Find Love

How many times have you been on a vacation where you truly let go off life, and took the time to connect with yourself? Read more

Overcome Your Trust Issues

Woman sobs over lost love
“David. I just can’t trust men anymore." It’s something women say to me all the time. You want to meet a great guy, but your trust issues keep getting in the way. Something in the past still plays on your mind and you can’t let it go. But here’s the thing… the past is gone. The past is history and just because one guy let you down, doesn’t mean every other guy out there will do the same. Someone once said “the past doesn’t equal the future,” and it’s true. It’s so crazy how we’re born with so much trust and innocence, yet as we grow we develop so many trust issues. So many people allow what happened in their past to affect their future. Read more