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Overcome Your Trust Issues

Woman sobs over lost love“David. I just can’t trust men anymore.”

It’s something women say to me all the time. You want to meet a great guy, but your trust issues keep getting in the way. Something in the past still plays on your mind and you can’t let it go. But here’s the thing… the past is gone. The past is history and just because one guy let you down, doesn’t mean every other guy out there will do the same. Someone once said “the past doesn’t equal the future,” and it’s true. It’s so crazy how we’re born with so much trust and innocence, yet as we grow we develop so many trust issues. So many people allow what happened in their past to affect their future.

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it. Anything other men did to you in the past has gone. When you make a conscious decision to allow the past affect what you do in the future, you’re directly damaging your chance of future happiness. It’s all an old useless story that doesn’t do you any good at all. It’s time to start telling yourself a different story.

I get emails every day where people talk about how much pain they still feel, why they can’t ever look at men in the same way, and why they can’t let it go. They keep repeating the stories over and over. It becomes a badge of honor for them. They’re past heartbreaks become part of their identity. What do you think happens when you keep repeating these negative stories?

All that happens is you get into a relationship and experience the same heartbreaks all over again. Have you ever wondered why you always attract the same kind of men? Hasn’t it ever struck you that you keep having the same relationships time after time?

Now you keep saying to yourself, “Why do men always cheat on me?”

They always cheat on you because you’re telling yourself an old story that no longer serves you. It’s the law of attraction giving you exactly what you’re telling it to give you. When you’re convinced a man is going to hurt you, they probably will!

 When you believe things won’t work out for you, you’re closing your heart to love.

If you tell everyone you’ll never trust men and that’s the reason you’re still single, you’re never going to get over your trust issues. When you believe things won’t work out for you, you’re closing your heart to love. You’re so scared of getting hurt, you won’t allow any men to get close to you. But here’s the thing…

In order to find love, you HAVE to risk being hurt.

It’s just how things happen. There’s nothing wrong with learning from things that happen in the past, but you can’t allow them to damage your future. If you don’t open your heart, you’ll never meet anyone. You have to give every new man the benefit of the doubt. Each relationship is a new start and a clean slate. Not every man is going to hurt you. Not every man is going to break your heart. Every time you meet a new man, I want you to imagine taking a shiny new wrapper off him. He’s brand new!

On your heart and your mind, and accept that the past needs to stay exactly there… in the past!