Stop sweating! You can survive the holidays still single

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… if you’re in a couple! I know, the holidays can be rough when you’re single. I’ve been there. Many times. One year I was so bummed, I binge ate enough Ben & Jerry’s that I was pretty sure kids were going to start thinking I was Santa! But guess what? I made it through that holiday season and so many more. Single girl, you can survive the holidays too. Here’s how.

Think of them as an opportunity

Reframe the situation. Instead of the holidays being a terrible time to be single, think of them as a great time to meet new guys. For example, there are all of those amazing holiday parties. Sure, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb being the single girl, but all the better to be spotted by that other lone single hottie. And yeah, you might not be going as a plus one to your lawyer ex-boyfriend’s amazing office party. But guess what? You don’t need to buy a new dress, stand around in pointy shoes or make conversation with those other boring plus ones. And instead of spending time shopping for awesome gifts,you get to save money and calories.

Gift yourself something great

Like I said, you save oodles of money by being single over the holidays. No gift for your guy, no new dress for his office party and no gift basket to bring to his mom’s house. So use some of that money to buy yourself something great that will last throughout the year, like a new bag, some jewelry or a ticket somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. You’ve been very nice this year, right? You deserve it!

Sit out of anything totally terrible

OK, I know I said to reframe the situation. But not everything is reframable. So be easy on yourself. If you get invited to something totally terrible, sit it out. Your ex’s new girlfriend invites you to the holiday party at the apartment where you used to live? Um, do not go. You know that your weird uncle is going to talk to you about your ticking biological clock in front of your entire family? Don’t even go near him during Christmas dinner, and enlist a cousin or your mom to run interference. Not everything has to be roses and sunshine, and you don’t have to feel bad avoiding events that are guaranteed to be awful.

Open bar!

Drink, woman. Drink! Over the holidays, the alcohol flows freely. So take advantage. And really, I know that alcohol can’t make your problems go away. But it can turn a blah party into a fun party and can make you feel a lot less self-conscious about things there’s no need to feel self conscious about… like being single. You should still remember your limits and don’t drink more than you know you shouldn’t, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun. I say, when in doubt, vodka, soda, splash-of-cran-it out. New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner, and you can be dry all of January to make up for it.