When its OK for women to be hunters

woman hunterBy now you know I truly believe that men are hunters. It might be biological or it might be socialized, I’m not sure. No matter how they get that way, they just are. Men like to go after what they want and the more of a chase and struggle it is to catch it, the more valuable the prize is. That’s why I tell women to let men hunt them. It sounds way more violent than I mean it, though. What I mean is play the game. Let the chase happen. Don’t make it easy for dudes. Your relationship has more of chance of flourishing if you follow these old school rules. They’re old school for a reason! They work. If they didn’t, they’d just be forgotten rules. But, for every rule, there’s an exception. And in this case, there are three exceptions. Here are three times it’s OK for women to flip the script and be the hunters themselves.

When you’re in the gray zone

Like I’ve said time and time again, men go after what they want. If they’re not going after you, it means they’re not interested in you. Plain and simple! But, there are cases when it’s not clear what’s going on. Maybe you’re in the early stages of getting ghosted, or even more confusing, getting benched. Or you could be getting mixed signals in other ways. I’m not sure about you, but that type of scenario is the worst for me. Do you like me? Do you not? Being in the gray zone drives me crazy and is way worse than just flat out getting rejected. So, I’m aggressive when I feel like I’m getting mixed signals, mostly to put myself out of my misery than to actually turn a hazy situation into a legit relationship. If I’m getting mixed messages from a man, I’ll just flat out ask him if he’s interested in me. Honestly, the answer is generally that he’s not. (Because men are laser focused and obvious when they are interested.) But, getting to a definite answer ASAP lets me release the situation and move on more quickly to something else that will be healthier and more reciprocated! So, I say breaking the rules, cranking up the intention and speaking your mind when you’re in the gray zone is worth it!

When he’s already hunted

While it’s true that men like and need to do the hunting, they’re also looking for feedback, too. They need to know that you’re interested eventually or they’ll feel like they’re hunting for naught! So, don’t play too hard to get, if you actually want to be gotten! Be sure that every once in a while, at the beginning of a relationship, you initiate plans or make the first move with things in the bedroom. Make him feel desired. Throwing a little bit of extra bait his way now and then will ensure that he keeps chomping at the bit. And that’s exactly what you want!

When you feel like it

Ladies, it’s 2016 and rules were made to be broken, even mine! I know that my rules work because I’ve tested them for decades. But, that doesn’t mean you absolutely cannot find love if you don’t follow them. So, do what you want when you want. If being aggressive and going for a guy feels right to you, then it’s the right thing to do! It’s way more of a risk than following my advice, but I get it. Some women are risk takers! Just proceed with caution, babe! The rules will always be here waiting for you if you want to come back to my side!

Good luck, ladies. I support you no matter how you choose to do it, as the hunter or the hunted!