Meet a tech boy! Start up new love in technology’s favorite cities

Tech boys. They’re creative, smart, driven and, yeah, tend to have money. Not a bad combination, huh? Tech fellas used to be only in Silicon Valley, which is quite the commute for most of America. The good news is that the tech-based start-up boom is expanding. Now the tech community is pretty national. So no matter where you live, there’s probably a tech metropolis nearby. Here are five lesser-known tech cities teeming with tech boys who could be beaming for new love.


Austin is a town rich with southern culture, and now with southern tech fellows. The city is host of South by Southwest, which is an annual gathering driven by music, film and interactive media. Dell, obviously a tech giant, calls Austin home as do several smaller dotcoms. A southern gentleman who can code? #sweepmeoffmyfeet

Boulder and Denver

The twin cities of Colorado have become magnets for tech-savvy college grads and more established entrepreneurs. Companies like Mapquest and Photobucket call Colorado home, and there is a surprising amount of tech funding coming out of these two cities, which obviously is attractive to smart tech boys with great ideas. And these boys can ski and survive a cold winter. So they’re athletic, rugged and entrepreneurial.


Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft put Seattle on the map for the tech community. But the tech-boy talent goes far beyond these two founders. There are plenty of young, attractive men in the Seattle area working for these companies and other smaller sites.


With universities galore and some of the top ones at that, Boston has always been a brainy town. It makes sense there are smart ideas for start-ups brewing here. And if you go a little outside the city, down Route 128, you’ll see this city’s version of Silicon Valley. That area is dominated by technology-driven companies and the tech boys who run them.

Los Angeles

Thank goodness L.A. is on this list. Tech men who come into the Millionaire’s Club are so much sweeter than the typical Los Angelino man and are actually looking for women who have more going on than good looks. I’ve been able to pair off really fabulous couples, and I can’t wait to dance at their tech-themed weddings.

Even if you don’t live in one of these tech-heavy zip codes, I’m going to bet there’s a startup community nearby that’s rife with tech boys just waiting to date you. Look into tech-related meet-ups, take some coding classes at the nearby university or go to hear a tech-based author talk when he comes to your local bookstore. Dip your toes into the tech community and your heart will definitely thank you.