It’s in the stars for Blake and Ryan

This week Christopher, the PattiKnows astrologist, and I are blogging on about how the stars and planets lined up for a match made in heaven — Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Here are a few more reasons why I think they rock.

No flash & crash

Most celebrity couples are so much flash, it’s no surprise to me when their relationships crash and burn. How can you expect a relationship to last when you’re basically in a chronic menage a trois with the media? Blake and Ryan are exactly the opposite of the typical flash and crash Hollywood couple. These two lovebirds didn’t sing a peep about their relationship. In fact, they had never even confirmed their relationship to the press.

I love that their relationship is hush-hush, their wedding was quiet and they’re not out pedaling wedding photos right now. They’re grounded, and that’s a good sign for the longevity of their relationship.

They get it

I was so thrilled when I read on that Blake and Ryan pledged to make each other laugh in their wedding vows. It means that they really get the core values of a relationship. Hollywood relationships are often based on flimsy understandings of relationship dynamics. It takes more than just physical attraction and vowing not to cheat to make it work. Ultimately, a relationship is about making your partner happy. Laughter is such a key part of happiness and these two get it.

And let’s take a moment to honor Blake’s beauty. Even though her hair has absolutely nothing to do with their relationship, I couldn’t not list it here. It’s just too amazing. They are a beautiful couple inside and out!

Congrats to the newlyweds, and I think I speak for anyone who likes beautiful things when I say, I hope these two have many, many babies together. They’re going to be gorgeous.

Read more about this couple’s compatibility and composite charts on my blog for People. They really are perfect for each other!