3 Celeb couples who should try dating each other

I’ve played professional matchmaker to a celebrity or two in my day, and let me tell you, finding a celeb a mate is tough work. Being in the limelight is a weird, weird thing and makes it really hard to find lasting love. There’s a reason most Hollywood marriages have the shelf life of a gallon of milk!

And while the celebrities I have set up were a fun challenge, nothing is more fun than playing matchmaker to stars in a make-believe way. Here are three celeb couples that I think would be fabulous together.

Amy Poehler & Gerard Butler

Amy Poehler has to be the most likeable woman in America right now. Actually, she could be tied with Michelle Obama. The bangs! Tough to compete. Anyway, with her divorce from funnyman Will Arnett, Amy’s hit a bit of a rough patch in the romance department, and no one deserves some romantic fun more than she does. So I think she should pair off with Gerard Butler for a while. Sure, he’s a self-admitted bachelor and a bit of a bad boy, but I don’t think Amy’s quite ready to settle down again. She needs someone a little wild to have some non-committal fun with and rev her dating engines back up. She can walk away from Gerard after a few months knowing that she hasn’t crushed his heart and that she’s ready to face the serious dating world.

Jennifer Lawrence & Jay Pharoah

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. 2013 has been her year professionally — hello Oscar! — but she hasn’t hit it quite as big with love. Of course, Jennifer has time on her side. She’s so young! But I do think she deserves a funny, whole-hearted guy to date. So I suggest Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah. He’s funny, which is a must for Jennifer. And he also has been working in showbiz for several years and tasted success very early in life. Plus, with SNL and his tour schedule, he’ll definitely have empathy for Jennifer’s busy schedule too. Mostly though, I just think these two could really make each other laugh.

Zooey Deschanel & Bradley Cooper

Here’s a couple that I think has a shot at going all the way. These are two professionals who are very established in their careers, very successful and very, very single. These established talents both have artsy sides, are total class acts and know the pain of divorce. I think they’d have a lot in common and share many similar values. And if I’m right and they do get married and make some babies, I mean, how cute would those little nuggets be? I feel the whole world would owe me a thank you note for the cuteness.