Heat things up with these sexy gestures

Men are simple creatures. Whereas women — we are so much more complicated. Seriously, explaining to my girls in the Millionaire’s Club how to catch a guy is so much easier than explaining women to guys. Men are just, well, boys who have grown up. And there’s nothing easier to figure out than boys. They like to eat, sleep and be flirted with. Well, maybe now it’s a little more complicated with video games, but come on, that doesn’t add much. Because men are so simple, pleasing them is simple. And flirting with them is a total breeze. Here are six time-tested sexy gestures that are sure to turn on your guy, whether he’s a crush, a boyfriend or your long-time love.

Twirl your hair

Take a lock of your hair and twist it around your finger while you’re talking. I know it doesn’t sound sensual, but there’s something that makes a man’s heart race when he sees a girl with fingers in her hair. Don’t overdo it with this. Limit it to 30 seconds of twirling or else you’ll look like a bored high schooler in math class.

Lick your lips

While your guy is talking to you, subtly lick your lips. This isn’t a tongue all the way over your mouth move. That’s not sexy. I’m talking about a very quick, almost imperceptible tip of your tongue popping out and running over that space of your lips that’s not quite inside your mouth, but almost. Do this one when you’re sure he’s watching. And it’s even better if you’re wearing red lipstick when it happens.

Touch your collar

I should mention, this doesn’t work on a crew neck or turtleneck. But really, you shouldn’t be wearing those kind of shirts around your man-target anyway. Just trail a finger around the neck of your shirt, slowly and make it look as absentminded as possible. He’ll be wishing it were his hand in seconds.


Here’s another physical flirt where less is more. Give your guy a wink. Did you read that? A wink. As in one wink. Any more than one wink and you’ll look like you have a tick. So use this sparingly. I like it as an across-the-room nod that you haven’t forgotten him. This works after a first meet or with a long-time honey and anything in between.

Bite your lip

Here’s one where you can’t overdo it. Biting your lip is the little black dress of flirting. It’s always appropriate. Just fold a little corner of your lower lip into your mouth and expose a bit of your top teeth. This is more cute than sexy, but trust me, cute can get a dude’s engine revving.


Talk about an oldie but a goodie. A smile can go way more than a mile with men. So don’t be shy at all with your smiles. You can never smile too much. In flirting or in life.