10 Things you should never send him in a text message

I know you should never say never, but sometimes you have to, and I’m saying never to texting any of the below to a guy you’re dating. Just refrain your fingers from these 10 fatal flaws, and you and your sweetie will have a wonderful text relationship.

Identifiable naked pics

I get the appeal of sexting. It’s such a fun and easy way to flirt. And a little visual accompaniment, of course, helps. But trust me, you don’t want a boobie shot with your face in it — no matter how great your girls are. Even if you trust your guy 100 percent, what if he lost his phone and that picture leaked? Nightmare, right?


You never know who’s holding your man’s phone when you text him, and a quick secret text could get seen by very wrong eyes. This isn’t exactly the same, but I one time texted my best friend about my heinously painful period cramps, and a whole group of her friends were watching a video on her phone at the time. Embarrassing!


If you’ve been on more than three dates with this fellow, he deserves a phone or in-person breakup, not a text. End of story.

Passive aggressive messages
Here’s the thing. Guys don’t pick up on passive aggressive messages in person, with a lot of context. Do you really think he’s going to get what you mean via text? Nuh-uh.

The poop emoji

Do I need to explain why? No, right?

Your bank info

And this goes for passwords and credit card info too. Again, your guy is probably the most trustworthy guy in the world. But one lost or hacked phone and buh-bye identity.

The worst parts of yourself

Texts are forever, and you don’t want to leave a record of all of your insecurities and warts on his phone for him to review when he’s bored. So hold back on your “Is she prettier than me” and “I feel fat” comments. In person, there are ways to discuss your insecurities. But in text, not so much.


Come on. You can do better. Even “hey there” is better.

Practical jokes

It may seem hilarious on your side of phone, but you have no idea what kind of mood he’s in or how he’s reading your message. So a funny “I’m pregnant =)” could lead to a full-blown panic attack if he doesn’t know you’re joking.

“Call me”

Come on. If you have the time to tap out this message, you have the time to call him. Enough with the digital power play games.