Want to set up your BFF? Matchmaking secrets

You’re in a great relationship, but your BFF (who is every shade of perfect) isn’t. What gives? Any man would be lucky to date her. So you decide you’re going to set her up. You want to do a good job because, well, she’s your BFF, obvs. So how do you become a great matchmaker? Well, you’ve come to the right place for tips. Here’s some insider knowledge.

 Talk to both of them

Get to know both of the people you’re trying to set up. Don’t just assume because you love your best friend, everyone does. Even though she’s amazing, the truth is that she’s single because not everyone does. But let’s get real. Not everyone should love your best friend! She’s unique, and it’s going to take a special guy to make her happy. So talk to him. Figure out what he’s attracted to looks wise, personality wise and value wise. So many times I hear about set-ups where a best friend gets set up with someone’s husband’s colleague they’ve never met. Just because two people are single does not a match make. If it did, my job would be a whole lot easier!

Make sure he’s marriage material

Even if he says he’s ready for marriage, make sure with your own eyes. What’s his track record like? Is he marrying age? Are his friends married and putting the social pressure on him? Is he at a point in his life where marriage makes sense? Is he stable, with a job and some experience under his belt? To get to the bottom of his marriage readiness, my favorite question to ask is “Why love now?” Only set them up if you believe his answer.

Ask yourself, “Are they really a match?”

You’re not just setting them up because you think they’d be a fun couple to double date with, right? You actually think they’re a match. Imagine them in a white room with absolutely no stimulation but each other. If that were their first date, is there a chance they’d still have fun? If so, this could work.

Match up their vibes

I don’t know how else to say this, but you’ve got to look for vibes from both of them that work. Getting this right takes a little bit of practice and a lot of intuition.

Do a post-mort

If you really want to get into matchmaking, do a follow up after the first date and see how it went. If it’s great, good for you. Please get in touch with me. I could have a job for you. If the date wasn’t so great, ask specific questions. See what happened and why. And get both sides. Following up with post-date questions will help you hone your matchmaking skills, and your bestie will get more quality matches.