2013 getaways to plan with your girlfriends

Gather up a group of your girlfriends and head out of town to ring in the new year gal pal style. Here are some ideas on where to go.

Boca Raton, Florida

I know, I know. This doesn’t exactly sound like a best friend getaway, but hear me out. Sure, there are a lot of old people in Boca, and yeah, it’s not exactly hip or trendy, but that’s kind of the point. If you’re trying to get away from a raging party scene and really just bond and relax with your besties, there’s no better place. Plus, your group is guaranteed to be the hottest and youngest babes at the pool. You have a 50-year advantage over the competition, so it’s not exactly fair. But it’s a self-confidence boost that you can’t beat.

Cabin in the woods

Rent a cabin and spend a few days hiking, cooking and really hanging out with your friends. Be sure your cabin has no TV so you really get the chance to bond with your friends. I love vegging out on the couch in front of the boob tube just as much as anybody, but when your girlfriends are together, you shouldn’t spend your evenings zoning out. You should spend them playing board games, truth or dare and reliving embarrassing moments. No TV will bring you closer.

Your childhood home

My favorite girls’ nights all happened between the ages of 10 and 15 when I’d have slumber parties with girlfriends. Why not keep the tradition going? Invite your girls over to your parents’ house for sundaes, manicures, gossip and staying up way too late. And if your childhood home isn’t an option, do it at your current home. The only rule is everyone has to sleep in the same room… on the floor, preferably.

Hotel with an indoor pool

How about turning 2013 into a budget spa experience? Book your group of friends into a cheap hotel that has an indoor pool and hot tub. Spend all day getting pruney in the water and all night ordering spa-like room service or delivery. And, for the record, cheese fries are totally healthy spa food. They have dairy! And if you add ketchup, veggies too!

Did anyone out there ditch a traditional New Year’s Eve to spend time with their girlfriends? Can’t wait to hear what you did!