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Is he really Prince Charming?

kill the idea of prince charming a move forward with your lifeDoes this scenario sound familiar to you…

You’ve met this man. He’s handsome, charming, caring, and successful. It’s like he jumped right out of your dreams. He seems so perfect. Prince Charming finally found you!

So how comes a month later it all goes wrong?

I’m going to let you in on the secret right now. You’ve decided this guy is perfect before you’ve got to know him. He seems so nice on the surface; you’ve created this fantasy relationship in your head. In your mind, he’s the one. You’ve put him on such a pedestal, the only way he can go is down!

I know you can’t help it. Since you were a little girl, you’ve had this fairytale playing over and over in your head. Your Mom, your Grandmother, Disney, all describe this amazing Prince Charming who’s going to ride in on his white horse and whisk you into the sunset.

This fairy tale is so deep-rooted in your mind; you subconsciously always chase this kind of man. The trouble is, even if the guy’s no good for you, you still convince yourself he’s the man of your dreams. Drop the fantasy. Yes, your Mr. Right is out there somewhere, but you have to kiss a few frogs before you’ll find him.

So what’s the real lesson here?

You need to set yourself realistic expectations when you meet a man. Don’t expect too much too quickly. Tell yourself that even if he seems lovely to begin with, you’re going to really get to know him before you decide if he’s right for you.

See here’s the thing; when a guy meets you, he’s going to want to impress you. He’ll be polite. He’ll dress smartly. He’ll compliment you. He’ll do all the things he thinks you want from him. It’s only once you’ve been with someone a while they let their guard down and show their true colors.

Take your time. Learn what he’s like as a man. Figure out what makes him tick.

Now, I’m not suggesting for one moment you should expect the worst from men. Don’t go into every date thinking, “OK, this guy’s going to be a jerk. I’m going to assume he’s not right for me, that way I won’t get my hopes up.”

My point is, don’t decide within a few hours of meeting him that he’s the perfect man for you. Take your time. Learn what he’s like as a man. Figure out what makes him tick. Enjoy the experience of exploring each other before you decide you’re in love.

This guy may well be your Prince Charming, but give him time to prove it to you!

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