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Girl’s night out: 3 Girly ways to spend your Friday night

You’ve gotta spend time with your girlfriends! Getting dressed up, having drinks, doing up the girl talk – it’s good for the soul. Even if you spend the night in, make your own cocktails (I love my TY KU Sake!) and sit around in your pajamas, it’s good to take time off from a man’s world.  Here are some ways you can connect with the women in your life. Consider it a mini dating detox! Even if you’re married, don’t forget the value of who you are outside of your relationship. Cheers to girl power!

Be a blockbuster babe

Either hit the theater or get rentals. You find love lessons in the most unexpected places and you just might get some answers by watching your favorite flicks or seeing a new one. Not that Hollywood is the holy grail for relationship problem solving, but it can soothe your mood to relate to your favorite on-screen girls! P.s. Hope Springs came out yesterday so get your popcorn and go see Meryl Streep’s character totally take control of her relationship. It’s one of my new favorites!

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What should you rent? These ones never get old: Dirty Dancing, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sex and the City, The Holiday, Love and Other Drugs, Bridesmaids, It’s Complicated. What are some of your faves? Tell me!

Stilettos for the soul

Girls nights like this, the kind where you take on the town in your sexy tops and to-die-for shoes (whether they’re Jimmy Choos or bargain buys), are great because they make you feel sexy and confident. Remember, this isn’t about picking up men – men can get intimidated by large groups of women. It’s just about fun. Sure, you never know who you might meet but don’t let that be the focus of girl’s night. Men should be back of mind at moments like this. Let them come and go as they please.

Go all out and road trip

Drive to the next town, rent a semi-cheap room, split the cost and go to a restaurant you’ve never tried. Hit up a new part of town and pull an all-nighter there instead the same ol’ same ol’! It’s a great way to break out of your normal bubble and still not have to spend too much money.

Just like when you bond with your guy by trying new things and going new places, adventures with the girls will boost your bond and give you a sense of freedom, freedom to discover yourself and to brush off all the stress that’s been bugging you.