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Mazel tov to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux!

You know me — I think the man should put a ring on it before a couple starts living under one roof. Even it’s not an engagement ring, a promise ring qualifies — it’s something to seal the deal on being monogamous and committing to each other. When Jennifer and Justin starting playing house and the tabloids documented them moving in together, I was praying for him to pop the question!

Now, he finally has. And thank god the cheating rumors are so not true! I couldn’t be happier for Jennifer Aniston. This was the one I prayed would meet her match. Mazel tov to the couple on their engagement!

It just goes to show, since these two have known each other for years, sometimes friendship can be the bones and blood of the perfect romantic relationship! Plus, the fact that he proposed on his birthday weekend goes to show that he truly wants Jenn in his life for the long haul. He’s thinking about the next steps and wants her along for the ride.

Big props to Theroux’s proposal and showing Jennifer the love. She deserves it and I wish them all the best!