Just ask Glynis: Real answers to relationship questions

There are six numbers that make up the numerology blueprint of who you are. Three numbers come from your name and the other three come from your full date of birth.  So, do you have a relationship question?

This reader did.


Hi Glynis,

I have a gentleman who I care deeply for in my life. His name is Michael, 6-20-1978. My name is Dianna, 1-25-1976. We both sustain TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). A couple of years ago he asked me to marry him. I have been putting it off as I don’t want to go through another divorce. I feel strongly that he does love me very much, but for about a year I haven’t been really happy in our relationship. I feel that I have become the caregiver. He lays a lot of expectations on me regarding how to run our life. Lately, I don’t feel right leading him on, but deep down I believe that I really do love him. The date 12-13-2014 keeps popping up in my mind. Is this the date that I should consider marrying him and making him a super happy guy? I am so confused on what is right, and what isn’t right in my life right now!


Hi Dianna,

I completely understand why you feel such a strong connection to Michael. If you have three numbers out of six in common, it is a Soulmate Connection. You do share the Numbers 3, 4, 7, and 8. However, when you check the placement of the numbers, you have quite a few challenges as a couple, and Challenge Numbers can promote a breakdown in communication.

Michael is a 6 Life Path, and it is not uncommon for a 6 Vibration to feel the need to control their environment, which is what you are feeling from him right now.

Even though your Life Path 4 is compatible to his Life Path 6, the fact that you are born on a 7 Day tells me that you don’t want to be controlled by anyone.

Michael is born on a 2 Day, which tells me he has a big heart, and does want love and commitment. You asked me if you should get married to make him happy, my answer is a resounding “No!” I don’t think any couple should marry while there are still problems in a relationship which have not been resolved. The fact that you have picked a date so far off tells me your subconscious KNOWS this is not a great choice for you.

You are both in the same Personal Year Cycle of 4 this year, which is the Cycle that encourages making major commitments such as getting married, and that may be why it is so heavy on your mind. You must trust that gut feeling of unease. Saying the words “I do” will not fix the problems in your relationship.

If you don’t have my book Love by the Numbers, I suggest you get a copy, because it will help you to understand the dynamics of the relationship, and suggest ways to make things better.

One more thought: If you do decide to marry Michael, do not take on his last name. The new Numbers for you in taking on his last name would not help your relationship (you can read more about this in Chapter 18).

If you use the tools presented in the book, and find more of a balance, it could be wonderful for you as a couple.

Good Luck to you!

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