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#AskPatti: Ex talk, BF mommy drama, bad kissers & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, again! Any how was your week? Did you see the show this week? It was so crazy for me to watch and relive all that stuff with Justin. He was legit one of the worst millionaires I’ve ever had to work with. Watching gave my the heebie jeebies all over again. Aside from that, though, my week was fan-freaking-tastic. I got a lot accomplished at work, worked out a ton and had such an awesome live chat with you all! Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Now, on to your questions! Read more

#AskPatti: Loving your body, taking back a cheater, finding good guys & more

Ask Patti Stanger
Hi, my digital loves. How are you? I’m great! Spring has actually sprung all around the country! Even my poor icicles on the East Coast are telling me that it’s actually starting to thaw over there. Phew! I thought all of my East Coast girlfriends were going to turn into vampires, it had been so long since they’d seen the sun! Glad that the long winter is finally over everywhere! Alright, this week I got some real winner questions. Let’s dive into them! Read more

#AskPatti: Text dumping, drunk cheating, not being ready for relationships & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello again, my lovelies. Another week has gone by and it’s time for another #AskPatti! Writing this is one of my favorite weekly activities. I hope that reading it is one of yours, too! Relationships and finding love are always going to be confusing. And I’m always going to be here to answer the questions dating inevitably brings up. Let’s get to it! Read more

#AskPatti: Break up advice, friends who hate your partner, my matchmaker fave & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Happy first #AskPatti of spring! I hope you all are off to a fantastic start of the season. Are you guys in shock at how quickly 2014 is racing by? I mean, we’re basically 25% done with the year! I can’t believe it. Wasn’t it New Year’s Eve, like yesterday? Anyway, I can’t deny that another week has passed, which means that it’s time for another #AskPatti. Here we go! Read more

#AskPatti: Not liking guys who like you, waiting for a proposal, liking someone in a relationship & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Are you guys feeling what I’m feeling? Spring fever! Spring is so stinking close and I’m so excited. It’s not so much about the weather for me. (I live in LA, so it’s gorgeous basically 365.) I’m more excited about the sense of new beginnings that spring brings. I think it especially applies in the romance department. If you’ve had a crappy winter romantically, shake off those winter icks and dive into dating this spring. Here are some answers to your dating and relationship questions to jump start your spring fever. Read more

#AskPatti: Dating to monogamy, a guy who lives with his ex, social media jealousy & more!

Hello again, tweethearts! I have missed your tweeting little faces! How have you darlings been? I’ve been so stinking busy! It’s a good kind of busy, of course. I mean, I’m someone who thrives on a busy schedule. But I’m also dying for a night at home with Netflix and a glass of wine and my baby. You know what I mean? Anyway, one thing I always look forward to having on my schedule, no matter how busy I am, is writing my #AskPatti column and responding to all of your questions. So, let’s not waste any time! Read more